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BRIDGING THE GAP - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       older people teach the younger
SCRIPTURE:   Titus 2:2-10
Style:       comedy/conversation, a slow-motion ad
Cast:        NARRATOR, KID 1&2, "MORE MATURE" 1&2
Set & Props: funeral home-ad-like music


(Soft serious funeral home-ad music starts to play.
NARRATOR steps up to mic, who speaks very somberly, as
people slowly walk onto the stage and stand at random
places.  All actions are done to look like slow motion.)

CH.  DIALOGUE                     ACTION

NAR. Are you lonely?              KIDS & M.M.s enter,
.    Not knowing where to turn?   mime pain & boredom,
.    Or just – very bored?        nod in agreement.
.    It’s never too late          All come to center
.    to bridge the gap            KIDS stick together.
.    to personal adventures.      M.M.s stick together.
.    Come - experience            Size each other up
.    a wonderful opportunity,
.    bringing young adults        KIDS "knuckle".
.    and the older young adults   M.M.s pose palsy.
.    - closer - together.
.    Building relationships,      All do stretches.
.    developing friendships,
.    and getting some exercise.   Line up at one end.
.    It’s never too late
.    to get in the game of life,  Get ready to run.
.    and feel the thrill
.    of competition again.        KID 1 blocks path
.                                 of M.M.s
.                                 while KID 2 runs.

KID2 (slow-motion-like)           KID 2 runs backward
.    Eat – my – dust.             to show off.
.                                 M.M.s react.
.                                 KID 2 turns to run
NAR. It’s - never too late        and M.M.1 falls.
.    to take some risks.

MM.1 (slow-motion-like)           M.M.2 acts helpless.
.    I’ve fallen and
.    I need some help.
.                                                       2
CH.  DIALOGUE                     ACTION

NN.2 Nooooo!                      KID 1 notices
.                                 & slowly reacts.

NAR. It’s NEVER TOO LATE          KID 2 looks behind.
.    to develop a sense           KIDS go back to help-
.    of compassion.  To help.     but M.M.1 gets up
.    It’s never too late          and holds back KIDS
.    to find caring mentors
.    in preparation               while M.M.2 runs
.    for life’s struggles.        for “finish line”.

OLD2 (slow-motion-like)           M.M.1 laughs.
.    Take that champ.             KIDS 1&2 eye each other
.                                 - they’ve been had!

NAR. Ah – guys –
.    good clean fun               All nod in correction-
.    and healthy mentoring?!      high-fives all round.
.    ...
.    Okay–where were we...
.    And it’s never too late      Walk off together,
.    just to share some laughs    all smiling,
.    and good times.              patting backs, etc.
.    (lighter faster voice)
.    Think about building
.    a bridge today.