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BODY COORDINATION – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        working together, unity
SCRIPTURE:    Rom.12:1-8; 1 Cor.12:1-31
Style:        allegory/conversation:  voices that
.             represent the different body parts
.             argue about what each of them should
.             be doing in order to get somewhere
.             HANDS, FEET, BRAIN (which has a deep voice)
.             (Need 3 people to operate arrow, ears
.             and brain-cloud which are attached to wires
.             and come from behind curtain,
.             very much like the Blue Man Group.)
Set & Props:  Black curtain for man to stand in front of.
.             Arrow attached to a wire.
.             Ears attached to wires.
.             Brain-cloud attached to a wire.
.             Pots (to clang together)


(MAN steps out and stands still.  MAN never speaks,
but moves his body appropriately to indicate that
a body part is speaking.)

VOICE  DIALOGUE                     MAN’S ACTIONS

NOSE   I smell something.           ARROW points at
.      I smell something – it’s     NOSE sniffing.
.      kind of – familiar.

BRAIN  I’m trying to think what     MAN freezes while
.      this might be.  Eyes, can    BRAIN-CLOUD
.      you see anything that        hovers overhead.
.      would give any indication
.      as to what the smell is?

NOSE   Stronger, less, less,        ARROW points at
.      stronger... ahhh less-       NOSE sniffing.

.                                   ARROW points at
EYES   I can’t see anything.        EYES looking
.                                   around.

NOSE   I give up.  I’ve done        ARROW points at
.      what I can.                  NOSE taking one
.                                   long sniff.
.                                                       2
VOICE  DIALOGUE                     MAN’S ACTIONS

EYES   Still looking –              ARROW points at
                                EYES looking around
.      What about that?             then down at feet.
.                                   Freeze looking down.

FEET   Don’t look at us!            FEET shuffle
.      Just because we are feet,    insecurely while
.      doesn’t mean we smell bad.   still looking down.

NOSE   I don’t know if that’s it.   ARROW points at
.      But then again....           NOSE taking one
.                                   long deep sniff.

FEET   Hey!                         One FOOT covers
.                                   the other FOOT.
.      You know, if hands would     FEET spread firmly.
.      wash us more often, we       One FOOT taps.
.      wouldn’t have this issue.    Meanwhile look up.
.      It’s not our fault.

HANDS  Hey-hey!  Don’t drag us      HANDS wave around,
.      into this mess.  You just    palms out.
.      expect us to do all
.      the dirty work.

.                                   ARROW points at
MOUTH  Who else?  I’m telling you,  MOUTH making weird
.      it’s not like I can          motions then tries
.      reach down and lick them.    reaching tongue down.

HANDS  I bet you could if we        HANDS gesture,
.      really tried working         first spread out
.      together.  I mean, THAT      in wonder, then
.      I’d like to help you with!   raises index fingers
.                                   as having an idea.

MOUTH  No thank you!  And –         ARROW points at
.      why would I want to?         MOUTH making grimace.

HANDS  Come on, PLEASE let us       HANDS come together
.      try this.  We are always     in pleading motions.
.      the ones who get stuck
.      with all the dirty work.
.      This at least would be fun.
.                                   ARROW points at
MOUTH  NO!  No way!                 MOUTH clamping shut
.                                   with a grimace.
.                                                       3
VOICE  DIALOGUE                     MAN’S ACTIONS

FEET   Brain!  Help us out here.    FEET shuffle in fast
.      We work hard and move        small steps.
.      a heavy load, RARELY
.      seeing the light of day.

BRAIN  Huh?  What?  Sorry,          MAN freezes while
.      I briefly went to            BRAIN-CLOUD
.      my happy place.              Hovers overhead.

MOUTH  So you just get to daydream  ARROW points at
.      whenever you feel like it?   MOUTH gapes largely.

EYES   You need to stay focused     ARROW points at
.      or we’ll get in trouble.     EYES blinking largely

BRAIN  NOW what’s up?               BRAIN-CLOUD hovers.

FEET   No one wants to wash us.     FOOT picks up and
.                                   waves around.

BRAIN  Oh, ah, we need to just      BRAIN-CLOUD hovers.
.      stop complaining aaaand
.      do what’s expected of us.
.      I’m tired of getting
.      complaints.
.      They accomplish nothing.

EARS   YOU are tired of hearing     EARS pop out and
.      complaints?  We’re the ones  bounce up and down.
.      who have to listen to all
.      of this.
.                                   ARROW points to
MOUTH  Oh, we hear from the ears    MOUTH moving like in
.      now, do we?                  a mimicking motion.

EARS   Listen, if you would just    EARS pop out and
.      stop all trying to be        bounce up and down.
.      mouthpieces, we could hear
.      the things that we need to
.      hear.  Like, if you’d all
.      just be quiet, we could      EARS move in gentle
.      listen to some music.        circles, dancing.

HANDS  Oooohhh, you must be very    HANDS do jazz hands.
.      special.  You get to listen
.      to lovely music.

VOICE  DIALOGUE                     MAN’S ACTIONS       4

EARS   Only when MOUTH sings        EARS pop out and
.      on key.                      bounce.

MOUTH  Hey!  That was uncalled      ARROW points at
.      for.  If I can’t hear the    MOUTH opens in big
.      piano, how do you expect     funny gape.
.      me to sing on key?

NOSE   HEY!...                      ARROW points at
.                                   NOSE takes big sniff.

BRAIN  Are we there yet?            BRAIN-CLOUD hovers.

NOSE   The smell is getting         ARROW points at
.      stronger.  (pleasantly)      NOSE taking series of
.      And it’s starting to smell   short little sniffs.
.      REALLY good.

FEET   This is so not fair!         FOOT stomps
.      I’d like to be a nose        in slight anger.
.      for a change.
.                                   ARROW points at
NOSE   It’s not always roses.       NOSE taking angry
.                                   sniff.

FEET   Still! I want to be a nose.  FEET pop up off
.      (sniff, sniff...)            the ground.
.                                   Continues while...

HAND   Oh, me too.                  HANDS start flipping
.      (sniff, sniff...)            up and down.  Also
.                                   continues while...

MOUTH  And me! (sniff, sniff...)    ARROW points at
.                                   MOUTH opens & closes.
.                                   Also continues...

EAR    Nose can’t have all the      EARS pop out bouncing
.      glory. (sniff, sniff...)     abruptly, continuing-

BRAIN  Don’t leave me out.          BRAIN-CLOUD bounces
.      (joins in the sniffing)      overhead.  Entire
.                                   body is going crazy.

(Suddenly pots clang together.)
.                                   MAN freezes.
EAR    Stop!  I hear something.     ONE EAR moves
.                                   in and out.
.                                                      5
VOICE  DIALOGUE                     MAN’S ACTIONS

HANDS  Do tell.                     HANDS wave to go on.

(pots clang together again)

EAR    It’s coming from the         EARS pop out and
.      kitchen.  There are pots     dance around.
.      clanging in the kitchen.
.                                   ARROW points at
MOUTH  So let’s go.                 MOUTH opening and
.      I can taste it now.          closing, like it’s
.      What are we waiting for?     tasting & chewing.

FEET   We’re protesting.  We are    FEET stomps angrily,
.      still noses. (sniffing...)   then pops up & down.

HANDS  Us too.  (sniffing...)       HANDS pop up & down.

BRAIN  Hold on! We’re not getting   MAN freezes.
.      anywhere.  Don’t you want    BRAIN-CLOUD hovers.
.      to go to where that smell
.      is coming from? If everyone’s
.      a nose, we will never get there.

FEET   What’s the point?  We        FEET move in and out.
.      don’t get to taste it.

MOUTH  But by ME eating the food,   ARROW points at
.      I help nourish the body      MOUTH opening and
.      which keeps YOU ALL able     closing in big,
.      to move and function! You’d  slow motions –
.      all be NOTHING without ME.   almost like a fish.

HANDS  You think you’re all that?   HANDS wave around
.      You aren’t eating a thing    and flick about.
.      unless we put it there. Ha!

BRAIN  Enough!  Time for some       MAN freezes.
.      logic and reasoning here!    BRAIN-CLOUD hovers.
.      Now, under my leadership
.      and with everyone working
.      together, we will actually
.      get something accomplished!
.      Not to say that I’m more
.      important than any of you.
.      We all are needed.
.      We are all very important.
.      Are we all in agreement?!
.                                                      6
VOICE  DIALOGUE                     MAN’S ACTIONS

ALL    YES, SIR!                    MAN jumps with
.                                   a sharp salute,
.                                   then stands at
.                                   attention.

BRAIN  All right then.              BRAIN-CLOUD hovers.
.      Now, eyes, we need you       ARROW points at
.      to stay alert and watch      EYES looking in
.      where we are going.          exit’s direction.
.      Feet – you will get us       FEET start slowly
.      there.  Once we arrive,      walking while
.      Hands!  You will get the     BRAIN-CLOUD moves
.      food to the mouth.  Mouth,   as body moves
.      you will eat and thereby     and exits while
.      nourish the entire body.     BRAIN is still
.      And we’re - working –        talking.
.      working together...          Exit.