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BLIND FAITH - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       seeing and believing
SCRIPTURE:   Mark 8:18
Style:       drama/conversation:   a household item
.            is used as an illustration to explain
.            God's existence
Cast:        LINDA, MAVIS
Set & Props: two chairs, table, TV, remote control


(LINDA follows MAVIS into living room and both
sit down.)

LINDA   All I’m saying is that you come to church
.       and just give it a chance.

MAVIS   My biggest problem with all of that is –
.       I have a hard time believing anything
.       I cannot see.

LINDA   But you CAN see God, you know.
.       You can see God through everything
.       He has created, you can see God
.       in the scriptures, and
.       you can see God through the results
.       of how He works through people –

MAVIS   But you cannot physically SEE God,
.       can you?

LINDA   No, not like that.

(MAVIS suddenly gets distracted and exited, and
scrambles to look for the remote.)

MAVIS   Oh! It’s time for my show.
.       It’s the best show on TV right now.
.       You’ll see, one episode and you’ll want
.       to watch them all.

(MAVIS points and clicks the remote control.)

LINDA   You sure like this TV show, huh?  So what
.       was it that made you want to watch it
.       in the first place?

MAVIS   Well, the title was catchy.  The critics        2
.       all gave a rave review on the premise.
.       And from the bits I saw on the commercials,
.       the plots and the characters all looked
.       really interesting.  And when I heard
.       that the producer was Jerry Bruckenheimer,
.       I just KNEW it would be great.
.       Pretty much any show he makes is a success.
.       He always gets the best writers, directors
.       and actors... Then, once I started watching,
.       I was totally hooked.

LINDA   But you’ve never MET Jerry Bruckenheimer?

MAVIS   Are you serious?  Of course not.

LINDA   And you’ve never SEEN them make the show.

MAVIS   Noooo.  What are you getting at?

LINDA   Well, you believe that your TV works,
.       and that your shows will be delivered to you
.       to watch, right?

MAVIS   Of course, there it is, right in front of us.

LINDA   But you never see them all put it together,
.       or HOW it all works.

MAVIS   I don’t have to, I see the results of – heeeyyy!
.       Don’t get smart with me.  And this is WAY more –
.       obvious.  It’s – tangible.  See?

LINDA   Do you KNOW how they get the show to you?
.       Can you explain it?

MAVIS   Yeah... through – airwaves and – little wires,
.       cables - and digital thingies.

LINDA   Is that the best you can do?

(MAVIS growls lightly, then slaps her forehead.)

MAVIS   Oh great.  My show was cancelled for Baseball!
.       I really wanted to see my show.  And I really
.       wanted YOU to see it too, it’s such a great show.

LINDA   (looks knowingly at MAVIS)  That’s how I feel
.       about God and wanting you to – well - see Him,
.       if you will.
.                                                       3
MAVIS   (glances at LINDA with a sigh)  Okay. You have
.       made a very valid point, and you have given this
.       church-thing a rave review.  I will not be
.       closed-minded to the idea of checking it out.
.       I will check it out.