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BEING A COMPLETE CHRISTIAN (video) - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       being a Christian all the time
SCRIPTURE:   Matt.5:14-16; 1 Cor.6:20,9:23
Style:       satire/conversation:  patient with
.            dissociative identity disorder
.            discovers that she really needs
.            God in every aspect of her life -
.            all the time
Cast:        Psychologist,
.            Patient with dissociative identity disorder
Set & Props: 2 chairs, clipboard and pen


(Business-like PATIENT sits down beside PSYCHOLOGIST.)

PSYCH  So, do you know why you are here at all?

CARY   It was in my calendar.  I just assumed
.      that my admin. assist. scheduled this.
.      and you needed marketing advice.

PSYCH  Actually, you called me the other day and
.      scheduled this appointment saying that you
.      were feeling – fragmented.  You wanted
.      to feel whole again.  You also mentioned
.      that you wanted to be a Christian
.      ALL of the time, not just SOME of the time.
.      And you gave me your name as Faith Jones.

(PATIENT appears confused until the very last sentence.)

CARY   Well, there you go.  I’m not FAITH Jones.
.      I’m CARY Jones.  And I’m all about the business.
.      Anything outside of that–
.      I’m just NOT interested.
.      When I put on my work-hat, do not
.      both me with anything frivolous.

PSYCH  What do you consider frivolous?

CARY   Anything outside of work.

PSYCH  Even your family?

CARY   What family?

PSYCH  Your husband, Mark, and your two lovely          2
.      children, Matthew and Marlyce.

(PATIENT “switches hats”, becoming the very concerned
family person, wife and mom.)

BETH   What about my husband and children?
.      Are they okay?  What am I even doing here?
.      I should be at home looking after them.
.      Making supper.  Helping with homework.
.      Planning birthday parties, packing for
.      weekend camping trips -

PSYCH  What happened to Cary, the all-about-the business–

BETH   Cary?  I’m Beth.  And my “business” is the family.
.      Period.  I just don’t have any time left
.      for anything else.

PSYCH  You sound very busy.  So you don’t remember
.      expressing your concern about having balance
.      in your life by putting God first
.      in everything that you do?

BETH   What are you talking about?

PSYCH  You called me, and called yourself Faith.
.      You were telling me that you were feeling empty.
.      That it wasn’t enough to just be a Christian
.      on Sundays while you were at church.

(PATIENT becomes HOPE, an overly cheerful woman.)

HOPE   Are you talking about church without me?
.      Even though it is still only Thursday?

PSYCH  Who are you?

HOPE   I am Hope.  Do you know, God is so good!
.      He provides such a nice church building with
.      such lovely programs, so we can hear nice music,
.      and have a chance to wear nice clothes
.      and be around so many happy people-

PSYCH  Do YOU feel the need to be a Christian outside
.      of church?

HOPE   I don’t really see the point.  It takes
.      a lot of energy to be so happy.  You know?

PSYCH  Do you think I could just talk to Faith?         3
.      She was the one with the concern.  I mean,
.      if you would let your heart just BE a Christian,
.      instead of appear to be a Christian, it would
.      take a lot less energy.  And then that strength
.      and love from God could come outwards and help
.      you in your family life, and work, as well as...

(PATIENT suddenly becomes FAITH.)

FAITH  THAT’S exactly what I’VE been concerned about!

PSYCH  Faith?

FAITH  Yes, that’s me.

PSYCH  Finally, a voice of reason.  Why don’t you
.      live up to your name then?  Have faith - live it –
.      and apply it in every aspect of your life.
.      You wouldn’t have to exist as a person suffering
.      from a personality dissociative disorder.
.      God can make you whole.

FAITH  Thank you.  That’s exactly what I really wanted
.      and needed to hear.

PSYCH  Then it’s time to introduce your other
.      personalities to your relationship with God.