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BEATITUDES’ ATTITUDES – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        examples of righteous living
SCRIPTURE:    Matthew 5:1-10
Style:        allegory/conversation: a person’s
.             heart, soul and mind are first
.             controlled by pride and selfishness,
.             until humility takes over.
.             HUMILITY
Set & Props:  table, 3 chairs, whiteboard, nametags


(HEART, SOUL and MIND sit behind a table.
SELFISH PRIDE walks up to the whiteboard with authority.)

PRIDE     Okay, where did we leave off from last night?
.         Any of you remember?

HEART     Well, I for one, had been very offended by what
.         Donald Townsen has been saying about me.

SOUL      Yeah, I can’t work with this.  We definitely
.         need some sort of direction.

MIND      Yes, and it needs to be OUR direction.  We have
.         to think of a way to get back on track.

PRIDE     And how exactly are we going to accomplish this
.         to MY benefit?

HEART     Right now, all I can feel is anger and misery.
.         So I’d like to see Donald Townsen as miserable
.         as I am.  If not more!

SOUL      (under breath)  Careful-careful, we are getting
.         too close to the edge of corruption here.

MIND      I should say so.  Thus we need to seek revenge
.         without getting caught.  Just let me think.

SOUL      (muttering under breath again)  I repeat,
.         careful where we tread, it would be so easy
.         to stumble and fall.
.                                                       2
PRIDE     Be quiet!  I’ve had about enough of you!
.         Let’s hear some more from the others.

HEART     All I can keep saying is – I’m very, very angry
.         and will not feel better or sleep at night
.         until I see that Donald suffer immense pain.

MIND      I’m working on it!  Revenge will be sweet!

SOUL      (lowly)  And sour.

MIND      Quiet, I’m working here.

HEART     (to SOUL)  Look, I don’t care what you have
.         to say.  My feelings have been really hurt.
.         Can you understand that?

PRIDE     (to MIND)  I am really looking forward to
.         getting far in life, and looking real good
.         while I’m at it.  So what do you have?

MIND      Okay, here’s the plan of action.  We start
.         a very nasty rumor about Donald Townsen.

SOUL      Except that Donald didn’t really do anything
.         wrong.

HEART     He hurt our feelings!

SOUL      Because we were being rude to him.

PRIDE     Still, I don’t care what I do, I just don’t
.         want others making life hard on ME.

MIND      (to SOUL)  If you’d stop trying to interrupt!
.         (to ALL)  So!  Let’s tell everyone that Donald
.         is just jealous and will say anything to hurt
.         anybody that gets in his way.  That will make
.         Donald look bad – and make us look good.

PRIDE     I like that.  I like that a lot.

HEART     I LOVE the fact that he will get hurt.

SOUL      I am sticking to my objection on this.

PRIDE     (to SOUL)  And I am going to do everything    3
.         that I can to shut you up.  Forever!

HEART     (gasping at PRIDE)  What?!  But –

PRIDE     YOU dare to ‘but’ me now?  You are not allowed
.         to have an opinion that is different from mine.

HEART     Hey, I feel what I feel.

PRIDE     Maybe I’ll do what I can to shut YOU up, too.
.         For-ev-er!

HEART     (gasping)  Well, that just hurts!  A lot!

MIND      Yeah, you know, as I’m thinking about this,
.         I think it is anti-productive in a way.

PRIDE     (to MIND)  Come on!  Out of the three of you,
.         you should be on my side - without question.

MIND      (calculating something)  I don’t know, it just
.         doesn’t seem to quite – all add up, you know?

PRIDE     No, I don’t know.  You are all supposed to be
.         on MY side.  What I say – goes.  Period!
.         It doesn’t matter who gets in my way –
.         someone is going to get hurt.

MIND      What I’m saying is – eventually – this could
.         catch up to us – and WE could all get hurt.

HEART     And it’s starting already.  I’m now starting
.         to feel – really bad – for US.

SOUL      This is what I’ve been trying to say.

MIND      (to SOUL)  So, what do you suggest?

SOUL      Realizing that we don’t have all the answers.

MIND      (gasping)  What?

SOUL      Well...  you know full well that there is
.         a higher Being.  And THAT Being is God.
.         And God has written His words of wisdom in the
.         Bible.  So we should be opened to God’s Word.
.                                                       4
(SELFISH PRIDE stands back quietly, shocked.)

MIND      You’re right.  When you’re right, you’re right.
.         I do realize that all wisdom, gifts and
.         blessings are from God.

SOUL      So we need to humble ourselves.

(HUMILITY steps in and looks sternly at SELFISH PRIDE.
SELFISH PRIDE hangs head and exits sheepishly.)

HEART     I feel guilt and shame.  Like a big regret
.         for all our sins.  In order to find any
.         inner peace, I feel like we need to mourn.

HUMILITY  We really have been going down the wrong path.

SOUL      So, we do confess our sins.

MIND      And we now need to get on the right path.

HEART     Hey, I’m starting to feel comfort.

HUMILITY  What else can we do?

SOUL      Desiring to change will bring about peace.

MIND      So I’m going to start exercising self-control.
.         No more plotting revenge.  Starting now,
.         I am going to think of a few ways we can
.         be NICE to Donald Townsen.

HUMILY    That is one thing we have never been –
.         we have NEVER been nice to Donald Townsen.

SOUL      That needs to change!

MIND      So the first thing we should do is apologize.

HEART     But don’t forget, he hurt us too.

MIND      Then we need to forgive him, and let go
.         of our bitterness.

HEART     That does feel much better. I can now look past
.         all that stuff and feel love and compassion.
.                                                       5
HUMILY    I do know Donald has had a lot of difficult
.         struggles this year.  And up until now, we have
.         only made that worse for him.  One of our goals
.         should be to show him mercy somehow.  I’ll see
.         if there’s anything he or his family needs.

SOUL      When we show mercy, we will be shown mercy.

HEART     I could really get into feeling this -
.         peace-in-the-relationship-thing!

MIND      Logically, it makes sense to live a pure life.
.         It definitely makes life better for us,
.         as well as for those around us.

SOUL      As I’ve been saying all along, when we find
.         inner peace with God and grow closer to God,
.         we will just naturally become peacemakers.

MIND      Whoa, I can see it now.  Not only can we help
.         others get along in peace, but we can help
.         others find inner peace with God.

HEART     This is exciting.  But – I am feeling a little
.         afraid.  I mean, I desire to do good – even
.         if it means being persecuted for it... buuut-

MIND      Well, think about it.  Before we were being
.         persecuted because of our rude behavior.
.         And although we deserved that, I would much
.         prefer to be persecuted because we are doing
.         the right things.

SOUL      There will be rewards in heaven for that.
.         Meanwhile, God is always there for us
.         to give us strength and guidance.

MIND      So?  What do you say?  Do we choose
.         to obey God – no matter what?

HUMILTY   All those in favor, say aye...

ALL       AYE!

(ALL exit with enthusiasm.)