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BE READY TO GO(script example) written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        you must be a Christian to get to heaven
SCRIPTURE:    Luke 16:19-31, John 14:6
Style:        allegory/conversation: a group of people
.             arrive at the airport, eager to go on
.             the biggest hiking trip of their lives,
.             but a few forgot to buy their tickets.
Cast:         TICKET AGENT, GROUP of at least 7
.             (you can add extras and reassign lines)
.             1-3 are wise, 4-7 are unwise planners
.             (4=brainy, 5=rich, 6=jock, 7=rebel)
Set & Props:  podium/counter, “DEPARTED” sign,
.             backpacks for travelers, at least 3 tickets


(TICKET AGENT stands behind the counter looking busy.
GROUP walks in, all excited, except for PERSON 7.)

P1     I cannot believe we are this much closer to going
.      on the best - vacation - ever.

P2     I’ve only been dreaming about this my entire life.

P4     Me too!  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been
.      studying maps, reading books, watching
.      documentaries –

P2     Yet you’ve never joined us on any of our
.      small hikes.

P4     I’ve – been saving up my energy.  You KNOW
.      I don’t do ANYTHING unless I check it out
.      completely, and then re-check, and research,
.      and do more background research.  And even
.      if it DOES make complete sense, there still
.      might be something in the small print –

P2     There isn’t any small print.  It’s all pretty
.      straight forward.  The preparation to-do list
.      was very simple.  Very well laid out.

P4     Well, you can’t be too prepared or too careful,
.      you know.  I’ve probably read every book
.      ever written on hiking AND traveling.

(PERSON 3 looks at PERSON 5 and 6.)
.                                                       2
P3     How about you guys?  You all ready to do
.      some world-class hiking?

P5     Of course.  I just bought the best hiking gear
.      known to man.  And my boots – can withstand any
.      temperature this world can throw at me.
.      Money - is no object!

P1     Did you get a chance to break in your boots?

P5     Ah, a little.  Maybe.  Not much.  I’m wearing
.      them right now, though.

P6     I don’t know how some of you are going to survive.
.      I’ve been training for years.  Every chance I got,
.      I was out there hiking and conditioning myself.
.      I am probably the most prepared person here.

P1     So you went over the check-list carefully?

P6     Please, I’m a “just-do-it” kind of person.
.      Don’t bother me with all the details.
.      Without a doubt – I’m gonna leave you all
.      behind in the dust!

P7     Ah, bully for you.  Whatever.

P3     (to 7)  How can you not be excited about this?

(PERSON 7 stands there thinking, without much enthusiasm.
AGENT makes an announcement.)

AGENT  Flight 416 is now ready to board.  If you will
.      please have your tickets ready, we will begin
.      the boarding process.

P4     I guess this is it.

P5     Let’s do it.

P6     Try and stop me.

(PEOPLE 1 to 3 get out their tickets and have them ready.
PERSON 4 steps up to the counter.)

AGENT  Ticket please.

P4     I –

(PERSON 4 searches pockets in vain.)                    3

P4     (shocked)  I - don’t have one.

AGENT  You need a ticket in order to board.

P4     I don’t think I have one.

(PERSON 1 pulls PERSON 4 over.)

P1     What do you mean, you don’t have a ticket?
.      I thought you were totally ready for this?
.      Didn’t you read through the list?
.      You read through everything else?

P4     Well, I have the list.  And I read it.
.      Many times, in fact.  I guess I just kept
.      skimming over that part.  Buying a ticket
.      just seemed to be too – tedious.

P1     It’s the easiest part.

P4     I – ah – what can I say – I don’t understand.

(PERSON 4 continues to search for a ticket and
occasionally studies the checklist.
PERSON 5 steps up to the counter.)

P5     I’d like to board, please.

AGENT  Ticket?

P5     (smoothly & confidently)  Iiiii – don’t have one.

AGENT  You need a ticket.

P5     Sure-sure, but don’t you realize, and can’t
.      you see, I’ve bought the best hiking gear
.      that money can buy?

(PERSON 2 pulls PERSON 5 aside.)

P2     What’s going on?

P5     I don’t know.  I have spared no expense on myself.

P2     I know you’re rich, but why don’t you have
.      a ticket?

P5     Wait, I have an idea.
.                                                       4
(PERSON 5 turns toward the AGENT and pulls out cash.
Holding the bills up, right in front of the AGENT,
PERSON 5 fingers through it.)

P5     How much do you want?  Money is no object.

AGENT  I’m sorry, you NEED a ticket.

P5     This is cold hard cash!  It’s BETTER than
.      a ticket.

AGENT  You understand, there are security issues
.      involved, and –

P5     This is outrageous.  I’m like, the richest person
.      here, and I can’t get onto this airplane?

AGENT  The ticket counter is around the corner,
.      but you don’t have enough time to do that-

P5     Oh-there-is-time!  I’ll BUY some time.
.      You just watch.  I’ll be back.

(PERSON 5 storms out.  PERSON 6 shakes his/her head
and steps up to the AGENT smiling suavely.)

AGENT  Ticket, please.

P6     Now, you’re not going to turn ME away, are you?

AGENT  Do you have a ticket?

P6     I am so prepared for this hiking trip.
.      I’ve put every ounce of energy into my training.
.      (flexes and points to muscle)  And look, I’ve got
.      muscles!...  Muscles you didn’t know even existed.

AGENT  (unimpressed)  But do you have a ticket?

(PERSON 6 leans over, strikes a pose and smiles.
PERSON 3 pulls 6 over.)

P3     What are doing?

P6     Charming him/her.

P3     You think you’re going to get on the plane
.      with just your looks?

P6     (confidently adding)  And my muscles.            5

P3     You need a ticket.

P6     (smiling)  Are you going to give me yours?

P3     No!  Besides, even if I wanted to, this ticket
.      has MY name on it.  You cannot use a ticket
.      that doesn’t have your name on it.

P6     Whatever.  Maybe I’m too good looking to
.      go on this trip anyway.  I could probably HIKE
.      there faster than you can fly anyway.

P3     It’s across the ocean.

P6     (waving that off)  Ah, details.

(As PERSON 6 leaves, PERSON 7 skulks up to the counter.)

AGENT  Ticket, please.

P7     I really don’t - want to go anyway.

(PERSON 1 pulls PERSON 7 away.)

P1     Then why are you here?

P7     Entertainment, comic relief, I don’t know.
.      Just along for the ride I guess.

P2     Why?

P7     To see how far I could get - doing nothing.

P3     (sarcastically)  Well, that’s just great.

(PERSON 7 leaves while commenting.)

P7     Whatever.  See you around... or not.

AGENT  (making announcement)  Last call for Flight 416.

(PERSON 1, 2 and 3 all hold out their tickets and look
at each other.  PERSON 4 now checks the list again.)

P4     Did I not read the fine print?

P1     (to 4)  It’s number ONE on the to-do list.
.      And it has the biggest print.
.                                                       6
P2     (to 1)  Are you coming?

P1     Definitely!  I’ve got MY ticket right here.

P3     Me too.

P2     Let’s go then.  I am so ready.

(PERSON 4 continues to study the list with a furrowed
brow as PERSON 1, 2 and 3 each hand their tickets to
AGENT and exit behind the AGENT.  PERSON 5 rushes back in
from the other side and up to the counter, panting.)

P5     Am I too late?

AGENT  Do you have your ticket?

P5     (indignantly)  No!  I shouldn’t HAVE to buy
.      a ticket.  I’m rich!  I deserve this.

AGENT  I’m sorry.

(AGENT flips a “DEPARTED” sign over and exits.
PERSON 5 turns to PERSON 4.)

P5     Forget it, it’s too late.

P4     (still reading)  I just don’t understand.
.      I’m a good person.  I’m diligent and smart,
.      and try my best.  I can usually figure out
.      the loopholes to my advantage...

(PERSON 5 guides PERSON 4 out in the other direction
while PERSON 4 continues to speak.)