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BE AN ENCOURAGEMENT (video) - written by Tanis Harms
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script version option for more actors)
TOPIC:        edification
SCRIPTURE:    1 Thess.5:11; Luke 6:27-57
Style:        comedy/conversation:  a person helps
.             out a friend practice encouragement
Cast:         SAMANTHA, TERRY


(SAMANTHA meets up with TERRY.)

SAM     Hi Terry.

TERRY   Hey, Samantha.

SAM     So, aren’t you – the – top dog – today!

TERRY   Huh?

SAM     Oh, I’m working on trying to encourage people.

TERRY   YOU – have to work on THAT?
.       I thought it just came naturally.

SAM     Oh no, not really.  Hey, maybe you could
.       help me practice.

TERRY   Okay, sure.  Ah, how do I do that exactly?

SAM     Ahhhh, oh, I know!  You could come up
.       with concerns or problems, and then
.       I’ll try to say something to encourage you.

TERRY   Okay.  Ah, let me think.  Oh, I got it.

(TERRY clears his throat and then begins to shake.)

SAM     What’s wrong?

TERRY   I’m – just getting into my character.

SAM     Oh, okay.  Continue then.

TERRY   Ahem... (starts shaking again)                 2
.       I’m so nervous!  I have a piano recital tomorrow,
.       and I’m afraid I’m going to make mistakes.

SAM     Then you probably WILL make a mistake.  Usually
.       when you think you will make a mistake – you do.

TERRY   (buzzer-type-noise)  EH!

SAM     What was that for?

TERRY   That was the buzzer to say
.       “THAT was SO not encouraging!”

SAM     Oh, sorry, let me try again here...
.       just let me think.

TERRY   (singing)  Do-do-do-do - do-do-do-do – (etc.)

SAM     Now what are you doing?

TERRY   That’s the thinking music.

SAM     That’s really not working for me.

TERRY   Oh.  Sorry.  How about I just say my line again,
.       and you come up with a different way
.       to encourage me.

SAM     Okay.

TERRY   Ahem.  I’m so nervous!  I have a piano recital
.       tomorrow, and I’m afraid I’m going to
.       make mistakes.

SAM     Eh, just accept the fact that you will make
.       a mistake.  You’re not that good anyway.


SAM     Oh, ah... yeah that wasn’t so good.  Okay,
.       wait, I know...  I know that you’ve been
.       practicing a lot.  I’ll be praying for you,
.       that you will do your very best.

TERRY   Hey, that was pretty encouraging actually.

SAM     Yeah?  Okay.  Let me try another one!          3

TERRY   Okay, let me see.  Oh, I got one.
.       I’m so very frustrated right now.
.       I’m trying to help this older person with their
.       house chores, but they keep complaining,
.       like nothing I do for them is ever good enough.

SAM     Oh yeah, I totally know the type.
.       I just hate critical people like that.  
.       Like nosey Mrs. Shoemaker down the street,
.       who always complains– about everything!
.       Like SHE can do any better?  She is so picky,
.       and then she turns around and gossips!

TERRY   EH!  Ah, now you are gossiping.

SAM     Oops.  Sorry.  That was wrong to say.
.       Okay, aaah, oh. - You should just quit.  
.       Especially because we’re supposed to serve
.       one another with joy.  Well, if you cannot
.       feel any joy – that’s a deal breaker.  
.       Serving people should always be fun.


SAM     What was the matter with that one?

TERRY   Aren’t we supposed to love our neighbors,
.       and enemies, and serve each other,
.       no matter what?

SAM     But with joy and love!

TERRY   Yeah, but wouldn’t it make sense that
.       we should change our own attitudes?

SAM     You’re right.  Okay, this is my response then.
.       Maybe they had a bad day, or they’re in
.       a lot of pain.  They are probably really nice,
.       and just want to give you some guidance on how
.       to do the job better.  But you really should
.       believe the best of them.  I’m sure deep down,
.       they really appreciate your efforts.  And if not,
.       that’s their issue to take up with God.
.       Meanwhile, you’ve done what you can.  Just keep
.       being nice.  You’re doing an awesome job.
.                                                      4
TERRY   Now - that – was pretty encouraging!

SAM     Really?  Yay!  Okay, another one please!

TERRY   Okay.  Ahhh...  Ahem.  I’m so afraid.  My mom
.       is really sick.  She had to go to the hospital
.       last night.  And I’m not sure what’s going
.       happen.  It just doesn’t look good at all.

SAM     Oh, I know a kid whose Dad died.  That was so
.       tragic.  They had to sell their house and move
.       to another town, with another school.
.       Life was over for that kid.

TERRY   EH!  How depressing!

SAM     Oh, sorry.  Ah, what about...  Maybe your mom
.       has sin in her life.  Has she asked for
.       forgiveness for EVERYTHING?  She’s probably
.       being punished for something.

TERRY   EH!  Now you’re judging her?

SAM     Oh, you’re right...  Sorry.  Oh, how about...
.       Let us know if you need anything?  Meanwhile,
.       we will be praying for your mom that she gets
.       better soon.  And we’ll be praying for you and
.       the rest of your family, that you will
.       have peace about all of this.

TERRY   MUCH better.

SAM     Whew!  How about another one.  I think
.       I’m starting to get it.

TERRY   Okay...  OOOO- I’m so angry.  This bully keeps
.       picking on me, and I’m about to blow up.

SAM     And you should!  He totally deserves it!


SAM     Ahhh, I’ve seen you dish it out and do
.       mean things to other people.  So, I’m thinking,
.       maybe you deserve what you’re getting.

TERRY   EH!                                            5

SAM     Ah, yeah, that sounded so good in my head.
.       Oh!  how about- You should talk to your parents.
.       They can help you.  And we can walk to school
.       together so you can feel safer.  Then if we
.       cannot avoid him, we can try being nice to him.
.       Sometimes people like that are really just
.       hurting inside.

TERRY   I think you ARE getting the hang of it.

SAM     How about one more?

TERRY   (very sadly)  No, I’m totally out of ideas.
.       I’m just not that creative.

SAM     What?  You are so creative.  You should totally
.       be a writer, or something.

TERRY   Ahhhh, Ding-ding-ding-ding!

SAM     What’s that?

TERRY   Gotcha!  That was my other problem-test!
.       AND you did it!  First try, too.
.       You were totally encouraging!

SAM     Oh, I did! – I did it – without even knowing!
.       Yay!  You are such a great friend.

TERRY   Ding-ding-ding-ding – you did it again!

SAM     Yay!  Come on, let’s go find someone to
.       encourage, for real!