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BANQUET GUESTS – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        humility
SCRIPTURE:    Mt.5:5; Lk.14:7-14; Phil.2:3-4
Style:        allegory/conversation:  an arrogant woman
.             believes that she should have
.             a place of honor, only to be humiliated,
.             while the humble woman does not make
.             that assumption and is honored in the end
Set & Props:  tray of appetizers, bridal gown, etc.


(A SMALL GROUP of people, nicely dressed, mingle together
at stage left.  POORER people stand at stage right.
DOWDY WOMAN enters and looks around, unable to decide
which group to join.  DRESSY WOMAN enters behind her
and clears her throat arrogantly.)

DRESSY   Excuse me.  You are totally messing up
.        my grand entrance.

DOWDY    Oh, are you the bride’s sister?

DRESSY   No, but we go – way back.  Now, please,
.        it’s embarrassing even to be speaking to you.
.        If you could just move on, I’m going to reenter.

DOWDY    I’m not sure where I’m supposed to sit.

DRESSY   Obviously – you look like you belong
.        on that side – with THAT group.

(DRESSY pushes DOWDY to the right side.  DOWDY remains
there, confused, still determining where she should go.
SERVANT walks by with a tray of appetizers.)

DOWDY    (to SERVANT)  Excuse-

DRESSY   Excuse me!  Where is the door attendant?

SERVANT  The banquet is about to begin, so they are not
.        there anymore-
.                                                      2
DRESSY   Doesn’t matter – doesn’t matter.
.        So how can I make my grandest entrance?

SERVANT  Everyone will soon be seated.

DRESSY   And just to be sure, which tables
.        are reserved for the guests of honor?

SERVANT  That – side - there.  (points to stage left)

(SERVANT moves on.  DRESSY gives an “I told you so” look
at DOWDY.  DOWDY smiles nicely, then chooses to go stand
at stage right.  DRESSY then exits, then enters again,
striking a glamorous pose.)

DRESSY   I – have arrived!

(DRESSY floats over to stage left to join the GROUP,
just as the BRIDE and GROOM enter with waves.  ALL clap.
DRESSY rushes up to shake GROOM’S hand, then kiss BRIDE.)

DRESSY   Hello, darlings.  Congrats.

BRIDE    Who- who are you?

DRESSY   What?  Friend of the family from your
.        father’s side.  How- don’t you recognize me?

(Meanwhile BRIDE looks to the side and sees DOWDY.)

BRIDE    What are you doing THERE?  I told
.        the door attendant that you were to sit
.        at the table for guests of honor.  Come here.

(As DOWDY approaches, DRESSY steps slightly out of
the way, just off to the side.)

DOWDY    Sorry, my car broke down, so I was late.

BRIDE    I’m just happy that you made it!

(BRIDE gives DOWDY a big hug and kiss on the cheek.
DRESSY rolls her eyes grandly.  BRIDE turns to GROOM
with great excitement.  As BRIDE gushes, DRESSY wilts
and gags in disgust.)

BRIDE    This is the lady I’ve been telling you about.  3
.        She showed me love, even while I was going
.        through my unlovable phase.  With whatever
.        she had, she shared freely of her time and
.        resources, even though she didn’t have much.  
.        She wisely mentored me...  She was like –
.        a sister AND a mother to me.

(GROOM shakes and hugs DOWDY.)

BRIDE    (turns to DRESSY)  I am so glad that you could
.        also be here with us, but if you could please
.        join the others-

(DRESSY begins to move to stage left again, but
sheepishly changes course when directed by BRIDE.)

BRIDE    (politely pointing right)  -over there.
.        (announcing to ALL)  I want to thank you all
.        for coming to our wedding.  Please,
.        let us move into the banquet hall and enjoy
.        the wonderful feast that has been prepared.

(BRIDE holds GROOM’S arm while giving DOWDY another
sideways hug as they exit stage left, leading the way
for the guests of honor.  SERVANT quickly jumps
to the center of the floor to usher the other group
out the other exit.)