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ATTITUDE IN GIVING / SERVING - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        motive of love in: giving or serving
SCRIPTURE:    2 Cor.9:7 or Joshua 22:5
Style:        allegory/conversation:  a husband gives
.             a gift to his wife with a bad attitude,
.             diminishing the value of the gift
.             in the wife’s eyes
Cast:         Husband, Wife, Narrator
Set & Props:  flowers, garbage can


(WIFE rushes to HUSBAND when he enters with flowers.)

WIFE     Oh, how lovely! Flowers!  You remembered
.        our anniversary!

HUSBAND  All your subtle reminders certainly helped.

WIFE     Okay.  I just know from past years – well –
.        we’re all forgetful, aren’t we?  Whatever.
.        This is very sweet.

(HUSBAND casually hands the flowers to WIFE.)

HUSBAND  Whatever.  I figured flowers would be
.        the obvious choice.

WIFE     They’re very nice.

HUSBAND  Good!  I got them on sale.

WIFE     Oookay... Will there be something else, then?

HUSBAND  You’re expecting more?  I fulfilled my
.        obligations, you know.  I got you something.

WIFE     (sarcastically)  Oh!  How romantic.

HUSBAND  What do you expect?  I’m a busy guy just
.        trying to build my empire.

WIFE     YOUR empire?  Without my help, you wouldn’t
.        be where you are –

HUSBAND  Honey, you’ve never worked for me.

WIFE     Excuse me, if that’s how you feel:             2
.        I raise your children, I clean your home,
.        I cook your food –

HUSBAND  Of course.  We all have to pull our weight.

WIFE     Without me, you'd have to do your own
.        shopping, do your own laundry –

HUSBAND  You don’t have to belabor this.
.        And if I didn’t have you, I’d just
.        hire someone to do all those things.

WIFE     But this way you don’t have to PAY me,
.        right?

HUSBAND  Oh! I pay!  I got you flowers, didn’t you?

WIFE     Why?  To earn my favor so I’ll continue
.        to do all these things for you?

HUSBAND  Hey, you expected something, I did my duty.
.        Why can’t you just be happy with that?

WIFE     I would hope - you’d just – WANT to do that
.        for me.  It really feels - like you think
.        you’re number one, and the rest of us
.        are all just - a – duty – a drudgery.

HUSBAND  What about me?  I work hard and you all
.        benefit from that.  How do you thank me?
.        Huh?

WIFE     I - just made your favorite meal,
.        and rented your favorite movie for tonight.

HUSBAND  So – don’t my flowers mean ANYTHING to you?

WIFE     Unfortunately, not when I get flowers with
.        that sort of attitude.  They kind of lose
.        their meaning. (drops flowers into garbage can)

HUSBAND  I gave you a bigger house last year.

WIFE     You could give me a castle in Europe, but to
.        give it to me for this reason and in this way,
.        it would STILL mean nothing.


NARRATOR How does your serving God compare to this?     3
       Do you serve Him with all your heart and soul?
       What would your service MEAN to God?


NARRATOR How does your giving to God compare to this?
       Are you a cheerful giver?
.        What WOULD your gifts mean to God?