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ASK        - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       ask to receive, loving Father
SCRIPTURE:   Ps.107:5-6; Matt.7:7; James 4:2
Style:       allegory/conversation:  a parent waits
.            until their stubborn child is ready
.            to accept help before stepping in
Cast:        PARENT, CHILD
Set & Props: cards, shaky table, 2 chairs, book


(PARENT enters to see CHILD sitting at the table trying
to make a card castle.)

PARENT  Oh, you’re trying to make a card castle.
.       May I help you?

CHILD   No.  I can do it myself.

PARENT  You know, it would work better if –

CHILD   I can do it myself!

PARENT  Okay.  But if and when you want help, just ask.
.       I’m here to help.  So - I’ll be right here –
.       reading my book.

CHILD   (irritated)  I got it!

(PARENT sits in another chair to read a book.
CHILD just gets a few cards up, when he/she accidentally
bumps the table and they fall down.  CHILD gasps
and tries again.  PARENT peeks over at the child.)

CHILD   Don’t look at me!

(CHILD tries again and fails.  And again.)

CHILD   This is impossible!

(CHILD stops to look over at PARENT.  PARENT pretends
to ignore CHILD.  CHILD pounds fist on the table.  PARENT
does not react.  CHILD pounds fist on the table again.)

PARENT  Don’t be angry at me.

CHILD   Why don’t you help me?!
.                                                       2
PARENT  You haven’t asked me yet.

CHILD   (sigh)  Could you PLEEEEASE help me?
.       (nicer)  Please help me?

PARENT  I would love to help you.

(PARENT gets up and walks over to the child.)

PARENT  First of all, you are trying to build
.       your castle on a very shaky table.
.       Gather up your cards, and
.       let’s go find a sturdy table.

CHILD   (excited now)  Okay.

(CHILD gathers cards up and leaves with PARENT.)

CHILD   So you really know how to build a card castle?

PARENT  Yes, I have built quite a few card castles
.       in my life.