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APOLOGIES NEEDED – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        relationships, reconciliation
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.5:23-24, James 5:16
Style:        drama/conversation: Tracy has accidentally
.             hurt Amber’s feelings, but refuses to make
.             amends.  Kayla uses an accidental cut as
.             an object lesson to explain why
.             reconciliation is important.
Cast:         TRACY, AMBER, KAYLA
Set & Props:  table, paper, 2 tapes, scissors (dull)


(KAYLA and TRACY are at a table.  While KAYLA cuts out
paper shapes, TRACY tapes various pieces together.)

KAYLA   These decorations are going to look great.

TRACY   Here, check out what I’ve done already.

(While KAYLA turns around, TRACY drops the tape and
quickly bends down to pick it up.  The scissors “cut”
TRACY’S shoulder.  TRACY quickly stands up and holds
her shoulder, wincing in pain.  KAYLA quickly puts
the scissors down.)

KAYLA   Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to do that!
.       I’m so sorry.  Are you all right?  Let me see.

TRACY   (taking a peek)  I’m okay.  It’s not that bad.
.       Really, I’ll live.

KAYLA   I’m so sorry.

TRACY   Don’t worry about it.  It was an accident.

KAYLA   Well, I’m still sorry.  Should I get a Band-Aid?

TRACY   I’m fine.  Stop worrying.

(TRACY looks at the tape, or if she didn’t get the tape
from the ground before, she can pick it up now and
look at it.)

TRACY   We’re getting low on tape.

(AMBER walks in.  Seeing TRACY, her smile drops.)
.                                                       2
TRACY   (cheerfully)  Hey, Amber.  How are you doing?

AMBER   Hi.  (to KAYLA)  Hi Kayla.

KAYLA   Hi Amber.

TRACY   Amber, we need more tape, do you think you can
.       please –

(AMBER leaves quickly without saying a word.  KAYLA looks
at TRACY.)

KAYLA   Did you two have a fight?

TRACY   It’s nothing.  She should get over it already.

KAYLA   Well, what happened?

TRACY   I’m not exactly sure.  She says that I said
.       something to hurt her feelings.  I can’t remember
.       exactly what I said, but I KNOW that I did NOT
.       say anything with the intention of being mean.

KAYLA   Did you apologize?

TRACY   Why should I?  I didn’t do anything wrong.

KAYLA   Well, it doesn’t really matter.  If you care –

TRACY   You know, she took something the wrong way -
.       it’s her problem.  Why should I admit that
.       I did something wrong, when I didn’t actually
.       DO anything wrong?

KAYLA   It’s not always about admitting a wrong action.
.       Sometimes it is just a - show of compassion.
.       Like a show of good will to facilitate
.       reconciliation.

TRACY   I refuse to admit that I was wrong.

KAYLA   You’re not understanding –

TRACY   Look, you saw how nice I was being to her.
.       I don’t know how much more I can do.

KAYLA   But don’t you want fix your friendship
.       with Amber?

TRACY   You know – in fact - she’s actually             3
.       the one who is wrong.  She hurt ME
.       by falsely accusing me of something.
.       I’m the one who should be hurt.
.       Here I’m being nice and she’s holding a grudge.
.       It’s her problem if she can’t get over it.

(TRACY goes back to her taping, and KAYLA slowly picks up
the scissors while thinking.  She glances over at TRACY’S
handiwork, puts the scissors down, then pats TRACY’s
sore shoulder with a smile.)

KAYLA   (nicely)  You’re doing such a great job
.       with that.

TRACY   Ow!  Watch it.  That’s my sore shoulder.

KAYLA   (patting the shoulder again)  You should really
.       do this for a living.

TRACY   Ow!  What are you doing?

KAYLA   I’m just - being nice – and complimenting you.

TRACY   But you keep touching my shoulder – right where
.       the cut is.

KAYLA   But that cut was an accident.

TRACY   (gasping)  Oh... is this supposed to be
.       some sort of object lesson?

KAYLA   Don’t you see?... the cut was an accident, but
.       it STILL hurts, even if I touch it very nicely.

TRACY   Well, your object lesson is flawed.
.       This cut has to heal all on its own.  And
.       if you just leave it alone it will heal faster.

KAYLA   The point is – a cut hurts even if it happens
.       by accident.  And putting a Band-Aid on it helps.
.       An apology could be that Band-Aid.  Or you could
.       keep trying to pat her nicely on her wounds
.       and keep opening up the sore.

TRACY   But shouldn’t SHE be working on her own attitude
.       and get over it already?

KAYLA   I’m not saying that she couldn’t work on
.       a few things.
.                                                       4
TRACY   So why aren’t you going after her with
.       your words of wisdom?

KAYLA   Right now, I’m talking to you.  We
.       cannot change other people’s actions.
.       We can only act for ourselves.
.       So you BOTH could just decide to keep on going
.       the way you are – and it will be
.       forever awkward between the two of you.
.       SHE has a choice – and YOU have a choice.

TRACY   To admit that I was wrong?

(KAYLA looks at TRACY quizzically.)

KAYLA   A bit of pride, there, Tracy?  Afraid that
.       someone will think you are only human
.       and not perfect?

TRACY   I don’t think I’m perfect.  I just don’t want
.       to take any blame when it’s not mine.

KAYLA   Well, look who else has an attitude now.

TRACY   I don’t have an attitude.  It’s righteous anger.

KAYLA   Or – an uncaring attitude that’s starting to look
.       like pride and self-righteousness. (gasping)
.       This is just – all so silly it’s not even funny.

TRACY   Well, now I’m angry with you.

KAYLA   For what?

TRACY   For taking Amber’s side.

KAYLA   I’m not taking sides.  I would tell Amber that
.       she needs to forgive you and move on.

TRACY   See!  You ARE taking her side.  Forgive me
.       for what?

KAYLA   For not – wanting to seek out reconciliation.
.       It’s not that difficult, you know.  Just a quick
.       thing – swallow the pride – and -

TRACY   So - I’m SUCH a scoundrel!  The SCUM of
.       the earth!

KAYLA   I see that my peacekeeping tactics have         5
.       backfired and I’m now in the midst of a war
.       over an accidental miscommunication.

TRACY   Exactly!  So why didn’t you just stay out of it?

KAYLA   Because I care?  I hate seeing friends not
.       getting along.  Well, I apologize for butting in.


KAYLA   And I hope you realize, I was only trying
.       to help.  I’m sorry I messed things up.

TRACY   It’s okay.

KAYLA   Well, I should go check on the catering
.       and confirm the delivery.

TRACY   Okay.

(KAYLA leaves.  TRACY now picks up the scissors
to continue cutting shapes.  AMBER marches in
and silently puts the tape on the table.
AMBER starts to walk away when TRACY looks up.)

TRACY   Amber, wait up.

(AMBER turns around, not really looking at TRACY.
TRACY comes from around the table and approaches AMBER.)

TRACY   Ah, I’m sorry – if I hurt you with what I said.
.       I sincerely did not mean to hurt you at all.

AMBER   (smiling)  Thanks...  That’s okay.

TRACY   Really?  Because I do care about our friendship.

AMBER   Me too.  I’ve missed hanging out with you.
.       Aw, I apologize for being so touchy.
.       Why did we wait so long to talk?

TRACY   I don’t know.  Pride is such a stupid thing
.       to hang on to.  At the time, one thinks
.       it’s a best friend, or something.  It’s
.       actually a real friendship-destroyer, isn’t it?

(TRACY and AMBER hug and exit.)