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ANSWERING GOD’S CALL - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        going when God asks, courage, trust
SCRIPTURE:    Exodus 3:1-5:1
Style:        satire/spoof of action-news report:
.             a reporter catches a quick interview
.             with Moses and Aaron just before
.             seeing Pharaoh for the first time
Set & Props:  microphone, video camera


(REPORTER creeps on stage, looking about, with CAMERAMAN
following close behind, recording the entire thing.
REPORTER faces the camera, angled in such a way that
REPORTER is also facing the congregation.  If REPORTER
is a guy, he can be called On-the-Beat-Bobbie.)

REPORTER  (almost in a whisper to inspire suspense)
.         This is On-the-Beat-Barbie with our
.         Local-Live-Action News.  We are here
.         in downtown Egypt - on a stakeout –
.         right beside the Pharaoh’s palace.
.         Word on the street is that Moses has returned.
.         While we wait to see if we can catch
.         a Moses-siting, I will fill you in on what
.         I already know.  And...  what I know is –
.         that – Moses is in town – on –

(MOSES appears walking across the stage with AARON
right behind.  They walk like they mean business.
REPORTER sees them then looks back at the camera.)

REPORTER  There he is!  We have a Moses sighting!
.         He is here.  Let’s see – if he will – give us
.         a second –

(REPORTER speaks into the microphone and at the camera as
she and CAMERMAN angle their way toward MOSES and AARON.)

REPORTER  Moses!  Moses!  Might we have a word from you?
.         I am On-the-Beat-Barbie with the Local-Live-
.         Action-News – live – here with Moses!  Aaand-?

(REPORTER points the microphone at AARON who shyly smiles
at the camera and answers.)

AARON     Aaron.

REPORTER  Aaroooon...?

AARON     Aaron – brother to Moses.  Older brother.

REPORTER  Awesome.  (back to MOSES)
.         Now!  All of Egypt would like to know
.         just WHY you are back in town?  I mean,
.         you murdered someone, ran away, and now
.         you have dared to come back here.  Why?

MOSES     Business.

(REPORTER waits for more explanation.  AARON kind of
leans toward the microphone.)

AARON     Ahhh, a man of few words.  God has
.         sent him here with a message for Pharaoh.

REPORTER  Which is?

(REPORTER puts the microphone back in MOSES’S face.)

MOSES     Let – my people go.

REPORTER  Your people?  You mean, your family?

AARON     (moving the microphone toward himself)
.         Ah, no, those are the words from God,
.         “Let My people go” – so in other words –
.         “Let GOD’S people go.”

REPORTER  You mean – the Israelites?!

AARON     You’re not called On-the-Beat-Barbie
.         for nothing!

REPORTER  Thanks.  Ah, but then, who are we going to use
.         to build all our huge monstrous buildings and
.         stuff?  I mean, those people are - our slaves.

AARON     Yeah, well, they are not so much into it.

REPORTER  I suppose I can understand why.  But, okay,
.         so for a man of so few words, WHY Moses
.         for this job?

MOSES     That’s what I said.

AARON     God called Moses to go.  God chose Moses.     2

REPORTER  (to MOSES)  And, just how did you know
.         it was God calling you to go?

MOSES     There was a burning bush.

(REPORTER looks deadpan at the camera.)

REPORTER  I don’t know what to say to that.
.         (back to MOSES)  Can you elaborate?

MOSES     It was burning, but it did not burn up.

REPORTER  Okay...  Are you camera shy?  Huh?
.         Cat got your tongue?

AARON     Eh, it’s just him.  He’s got a slight –
.         speech impediment.  He tried to use that
.         as an excuse, but God just would not have it.

REPORTER  So God spoke directly to Moses?

AARON     Yes.

REPORTER  And again, just how did he know it was God?

MOSES     He said, - “I Am.”

REPORTER  That’s it?  Or that’s all you’re going say?

AARON     Ah, well, to an Israelite, that’s ALL God has
.         to say.  Those – those are - big words.  Huge!
.         (spreading arms out in big shrug)
.         “I AM” - means – “I am God.”

REPORTER  Why didn’t God just say that?

AARON     Long story!  Another time MAYBE.
.         We’re in a bit of a hurry, but trust me,
.         that’s ALL that is needed to be said.

REPORTER  Okay, so you have this big mission from God –
.         are you scared?

MOSES     Yes.

AARON     AND he feels unworthy.  And he doesn’t speak
.         so good.  That’s why I’m here with him.
.         I’m like his - wing-man.
.                                                       4
REPORTER  So Moses couldn’t do this without you?
.         (AARON tries to speak but REPORTER continues)
.         Well then, this is big.  So you’re just
.         going to march right up to Pharaoh and say,
.         “Let God’s people go” – and then you’ll
.         expect Pharaoh to just say –
.         (very lightly) - “oookay”.

(MOSES looks at REPORTER with wide eyes.)

MOSES     My point exactly!

REPORTER  But you have – Aaron – here.  Your brother,
.         who seems to be able to speak quite well
.         for you, and for – God – I suppose.

AARON     Look, I’m also nobody.  I mean, who am I?
.         Don’t get me wrong.  Moses could totally
.         do this without me.  God is with him.
.         God is with the both of us.  None of us
.         could do this without God.

(AARON turns to MOSES to give him a pep talk.
REPORTER keeps microphone trained on them.)

AARON     Moses!  GOD is with us!  What more could
.         you possible need?  We have the God who
.         created the universe – who is going to put
.         all the right words into our very mouths.

(REPORTER whispers loudly to CAMERAMAN.)

REPORTER  Are you getting this?

(CAMERAMAN nods while AARON continues speaking to MOSES.)

AARON     God said He would move in the hearts
.         of His people and we’ve already seen
.         God carry that out.  And now as He promised,
.         God will perform miracles in this land which
.         will persuade Pharaoh.  Miracles that will
.         amaze all the nations-

REPORTER  Oh, you mean - like magic?

AARON     No, not-like magic.  This is real.

REPORTER  Could you show us?

MOSES     No!  It’s time to go.                         5

AARON     Okay, let’s do this!

(AARON is about to leave, but grabs the microphone
one last time)

AARON     Like I always say, “If God brings you to it –
.         He will see you through it!”

REPORTER  Oh, that’s catchy.

(MOSES and AARON turn to march out.  REPORTER swings back
to face the camera.)

REPORTER  And there you have it, the Mission of Moses –
.         and Aaron – the brother.  Off to persuade
.         Pharaoh to let the slaves go – to –
.         let God’s people go!  Would YOU be brave enough
.         to do anything like THAT if God were to
.         call YOU?...  Posing the tough questions,
.         this has been On-the-Beat-Barbie, with our
.         Local-Live-Action News!
.         (quieter now) – and... signing off.

(CAMERAMAN puts down the camera and REPORTER puts her
microphone down.  They look at each other.)

REPORTER  Come on, let’s see if we can catch anything
.         up at the palace.