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ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        celebrating church anniversary
SCRIPTURE:    1Cor.1:2-9; 2Cor.1:3-4; Gal.1:3-4;
.             Phil.1:2-6; Col.1:3-6; 1Thess.1:2-6;
.             2Thess.1:3-4; Heb.1:1-2
Style:        drama/conversation:  women discuss
.             the upcoming anniversary celebration,
.             but not without a bit of confusion
Cast:         WOMEN 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (all young)
Set & Props:  purse/s

NOTE:         “50” years will only be used as an example.
             Change the amount of years accordingly.
.             ALSO:  this skit is for a church anniversary
.               with more than about 20 years,
.               therefore the younger the women, the better.


(WOMAN 1 approaches WOMAN 2, who is slightly distracted
with something like rifling through her purse.)

W.1    Hey Annie!  So next week is our anniversary.

W.2    Oh, that’s great.  Congrats.

W.1    Hope you can make it to our celebration day.

W.2    Ohhhkay.  Ah-ha.  Ahh, so how many years?

W.1    50.

W.2    (confused but not distracted anymore)
.      Ah ha?  Ummmm, are you sure about that?
.      50?  As in five-zero?  As in – half of a hundred?
.      I mean, are you okay?

(WOMAN 1 has been nodding enthusiastically
at each configuration of “50”.)

W.1    Of course!  I’m excited!  It’s a big anniversary!
.      It’ll be a big celebration!

W.2    Yeeah...
.                                                    2
(WOMAN 3 walks up to WOMAN 2 who confides in her,
putting up a hand between her and WOMAN 1.

W.2    (aside to W.3)  Hey!  Should we be worried
.      about Carrie?  She thinks she’s been married
.      for 50 years.  FIFTY!  As in five-zero!

W.3    As in - half of a hundred?

W.2    Exactly.  I think we need to be praying for her.

(WOMAN 4 enters with gusto and rushes up to the group.)

W.4    Hey.  So, you’re all going to join us
.      in celebrating next week?  It’s our anniversary.

W.2    You, too?!

W.3    But you’re not going to say – like - 50 years?

W.4    Why, yes!  That’s exactly right.

(WOMAN 3 nods enthusiastically at each configuration.)

W.3    As in 50.  Five-zero.  As in half of a hundred.
.      Well that’s just – incredible.
.      (muttering to W.2)  I think we need to
.      add Stacy to that prayer list.

(WOMAN 5 joins the group with excitement.)

W.5    Oh right.  It’s our anniversary next week!
.      50 years!  Can you imagine?!

W.3    (to W.2)  Have they ALL lost their minds???

W.2    I’ll get started on that prayer list right away.

(WOMAN 3 turns back around, struggling to remain sweet.)

W.3    Okay.  What is going on here?  
.      Are you sure you don’t actually mean 50 days,
.      weeks or... months - perhaps?
.      Celebrating months is a thing.  
.      I’ve heard some people do that.
.      And – THAT’s not weird at all.  I think.
.                                                    3
W.5    Noooo, it has been that many years.

W.3    But you are not even THAT old!

W.1    (calmly)   You DO know that - just because
.      you were not born yet...
.      (excited)  you can still celebrate!
.      It’s everyone’s anniversary!

W.3    I - am – single, sooooo...

W.2    Meanwhile – just let me get this straight!
.      You are ALL saying that you all got married
.      on the exact same day and year?  50 years ago?

W.5    Wait!  WHAT???  What are you talking about?
.      We’re all talking about the church’s anniversary.
.      The church was founded 50 years ago.

W.3    Oohhhhh.  

W.2    Well, that makes FAR more sense.

W.3    Okay.  We’re in.

W.2    Yeah.  And NOW we are excited.
.      Relieved!... and exited.