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ANGEL VIEW - ON CREATION - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       creation, man’s purpose
SCRIPTURE:   Genesis 1:1 – 2:25
Style:       comedy/spoof on "The View": as angels,
.            the panel discuss their views on creation
Cast:        (3 ANGELS:)
.            Caw-wa-Wawa (Barbara Walters-like)
.            Yahoo-Precious-Metal (Whoopi Goldberg-like)
.            Joyful-Layer (Joy Behar-like)
Set & Props: 3 chairs, table (optional), cue cards


(ANGELS sit in semi-circle primping and getting ready.)

CAW-WA  Hah-woh, and wow-come to ow Ang-oh-View Show.
.       I’m Caw-wa Wawa, and these are my co-hosts:
.       Joyfow-Way-ah -

JOYFUL  (trying to correct to pronunciation of her name)
.       Because every LLLLayeRRR of me is sooo joyful.

YAHOO   The angel canNOT help herself.

CAW-WA  And this is my othah twusty co-host
.       Yahoo-Pwecious-Met-oh.

YAHOO   That would be me.

JOYFUL  You are PRRRECIOUS all right!

CAW-WA  Aw, you ang-ohs, you ah just co-wecting my bad
.       pwo-nunciation.  But that’s all wight, it’s aw
.       in fun.  We wike to have fun on ow show –
.       no matt-ah how se-we-ous ow topic is.

JOYFUL  Carla, you’re wambling again – I mean,
.       RRRambling.

YAHOO   Yeah, Carla, get on with it.  We’ve got some
.       exciting stuff to discuss!

CAW-WA  Sow-wy. We-ow (well), aftah ow fiwst day
.       of west (rest) – ev-ah -

JOYFUL  God, Himself, lead by example and RRRested...

YAHOO   Being the seventh day, and all.                 2

JOYFUL  The FIRST day of rest - ever.

CAW-WA  Exactwy.  I am vewy eagah to tawk about God’s
.       watest cwe-ation – the pwa-net eawth.

JOYFUL  Ah, you do mean the – pLLLanet eaRRRth, right?

YAHOO   Yeah baby!  Have you been down to check it out
.       yet?  It is sick!  Some of God’s best work ever!

CAW-WA  I compwetwy agwee.

JOYFUL  Totally. But we should start right at the very
.       beginning.  Other angels might not have seen it
.       or even heard about it yet.

CAW-WA  Twue, but we aw know God has aw-ways BEEN –
.       wight fwom the beginning.

YAHOO   But to do a whole universe in six days!
.       That’s sick.  At first I wondered why it took
.       Him six whole days, but when I saw it –
.       I got it.  Mind-BLOWING!!!

CAW-WA  Indeed.  The enti-aw univewse-thing is
.       a mi-waclulous mi-wahcoh.

JOYFUL  Yes, most definitely a miraculous miracle!

YAHOO   So on the first day, God made day and night.

CAW-WA  In oh-dah to do that, God had to sepa-wate
.       the wight fwom the dawk.

JOYFUL  Separating the light from the dark would be
.       a lot of work.  I mean, do you know how much
.       would be involved in getting that all to happen?

YAHOO   Not to mention, making the whole infrastructure
.       work properly.

JOYFUL  I’m having a hard time conceptualizing the
.       second day where God separated the earth
.       and water from the sky.

YAHOO   Count on God to come up with stuff we can’t
.       understand.

CAW-WA  I’m intwigued with the thiwd day whah He        3
.       cwe-ated things wike pwants, twees and fwuit.

JOYFUL  Oh stop!  Yeah, all that fruit looks so yummy!
.       You’re making me feel hungry.

YAHOO   And us angels don’t even have to eat.

JOYFUL  I LOVE how we don’t have to worry about
.       weight-gain!

(YAHOO and JOY guffaw and high-five each other.)

YAHOO   But I’m digging this time-stuff He made on
.       the fourth day.  When I heard that, I was like –
.       SAY that again?

JOYFUL  I think I’m going to really enjoy the
.       different seasons.

YAHOO   But just think about it, in order to do that,
.       He had to make things like the stars and moons.

JOYFUL  Okay, but I’m so into all the creatures
.       God made on the fifth day.

CAW-WA  It’s incwe-daboh (incredible) how many
.       va-wah-ities thah ah of biwds and fish.
.       So many diffe-went co-wahs (colors).

JOYFUL  Oh – LOVE all the colors.

YAHOO   Okay-okay, but I’m all about the creatures
.       God made on day six.  Seriously, I mean,
.       how cool are those funny little things
.       with the four legs, and they’re all–
.       (pants, barks and whines like a dog)

JOYFUL  Oo!  Or those creatures that play around in the
.       water.  And those funny things that swing around
.       in the trees? (tries to do a monkey impression)
.       Isn’t it awesome that God has a sense of humor?
.       Can you imagine if He was serious all the time?

CAW-WA  But wea-wy (really), wet’s tawk about God’s main
.       attwaction.  One of His gweatest cwe-ations
.       has got to be the peop-oh.

JOYFUL  Peopoh? - oh yeah-yeah-yeah – peopLLLe –
.       man and woman.
.                                                       4
YAHOO   I mean, this - is just - too much.

CAW-WA  Not onwy do they get to mouw-tah-pwy (multiply)
.       and be fwuitfoh, but they wi-oh (will)
.       wule ovah the eawth.

JOYFUL  Ah, did I hear that right, they get to rule over
.       this earth?

CAW-WA  And they get to name aw those cweatuhs –
.       so you don’t have to keep doing aw those
.       te-wo-boh (terrible) animow impwessions.

YAHOO   Hey!  I LOVE doing all those animal impressions.
.       Well, definitely naming all those creatures –
.       that’ll keep them busy for a while.  From what
.       I’ve seen, there are a whole lot of creatures.
.       They’re going to have to be VERY creative -
.       (an “ah-ha moment”)  Hah! Oooh –
.       these people were created in - God’s - image!
.       They WILL be very creative!

JOYFUL  Among other stuff, too.  I mean, God is
.       very complex.

CAW-WA  So these peop-oh definitwy have a puh-pose.

JOYFUL  We have purpose, too.

CAW-WA  Yes, but they have diffe-went puh-poses.
.       We just fwy awound with messages.

YAHOO   Ah, not just delivering messages.  Although,
.       that can be a very cool job, at times.
.       But some of us will have the job of protecting
.       these people.

CAW-WA  What I have a hawd time undah-standing is –
.       they have been given FWEE choice.

JOYFUL  We had a choice to make at one point.

YAHOO   But even once the humans make their choice,
.       they have to keep choosing to walk with God,
.       each step of the way.  And, I don’t know,
.       if I were them, I don’t think I’d always
.       be making the right choices.

CAW-WA  At weast God is aw-ways thah.
.                                                       5
JOYFUL  Amen!  God IS always there, and He IS
.       all-powerful.  Once they choose to be His,
.       even if they make a wrong choice, God will
.       keep them.  And if they choose correctly,
.       they can do all things through God who will
.       strengthen them, guide them, enlighten them -

CAW-WA  It’s hawd to imagine.

YAHOO   Doi-doi–yeah – there are some things us angels
.       just can’t understand.

JOYFUL  The important thing is that we all get to
.       serve God, in whatever we were designed to do.

CAW-WA  And that’s ve-wy exciting.

JOYFUL  God is finished creating, but man and woman’s
.       time is just beginning. It’ll be very interesting
.       to see where their lives and journeys lead.

YAHOO   I bet from the stuff those people will do,
.       they will give our show enough interesting
.       material to talk about for a few more “seasons”
.       to come – at least.

JOYFUL  Especially because they were given a free choice.

YAHOO   Isn’t that what I just said?

CAW-WA  It wooks wike God has finished with His cweation,
.       and it is vewy good.

YAHOO   And like I said, by giving these people
.       free choice, I’m sure His WORK may not
.       be finished yet.  But what do I know,
.       I’m just an angel.

CAW-WA  Sah-tainwy (certainly), onwy TIME wi-ow te-ow.
.       With that, ow show for today is done.
.       Thanks foh joining us.  See you aw tomo-woh.