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ALONE WITH GOD - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       God’s presence, spiritual food
SCRIPTURE:   Ps.139:7-12, Prov.15:14, 1 Cor.10:3
Style:       drama/conversation: PERSON convinces FRIEND
.            to just be alone with God because there is
.            a spiritual part of us that needs to be fed.
Cast:        person 1 & 2
Set & Props: cell phone, chair, end table, keys, Bible


(PERSON 1 is on a cell phone dialing a bunch of people.)

P1  Hello, is Janice there?... That’s okay.
.   (dials again)  Hey, Kathy, want to do something?...
.   No problem.  Talk to you later.

(PERSON 1 dials again and waits, then hangs up.
PERSON 2 walks by with car keys in hand.)

P1  Where are you going?

P2  Out.

P1  Can I come.

P2  Negative!  I’ve got a date.

P1  I won’t get in the way.

P2  What is your problem?

P1  Everyone is busy.  I have nothing to do.

P2  Do you always have to be doing something?
.   You know, it doesn’t hurt to be by yourself
.   once in a while.

P1  I don’t like being alone.

P2  Well, of course, you’re never really all alone.
.   God is always with you.  Or is that the problem?
.   Are you afraid to be alone with God so you’ll
.   have to maybe acknowledge Him?

P1  Nooo!  Well - I guess I have some work I could do.

P2  (stops)  Wait, so – if you’re not socializing,      2
.   you have to be working?

P1  What’s wrong with that?  A person has to have fun.
.   But to have fun, a person has to earn some money.
.   And because you’re so working hard, you need to take
.   a break and have some fun.  What else is there?

P2  Yeah... but you need a balanced life.

P1  It is balanced.  I work to get enough money
.   to have fun.

P2  God created us a little more complex than that!
.   You need to feed the physical body with food,
.   and you need to feed the emotional part
.   with friends and family, but the most important part
.   to feed is the spiritual part.  If you don’t feed
.   the spiritual part with God, you’ll feel empty
.   in all the other parts.  And you’ll spend your life
.   trying to fill the void with other things –
.   but you will never be satisfied.

P1  What if I don’t like the - spiritual FOOD?

P2  Remember when Mom tried to get you to eat
.   strawberries, and you refused because you thought
.   they looked funny?  But when you finally tried them –
.   they became your favorite fruit.  How do you even
.   know if you haven’t ever tried it?  So, here’s some –
.   food for thought.

(P2 sees a Bible, picks it up and hands it to P1.)

P2  And now I better get going or I’ll be late.
.   See you later.

(P2 leaves.  P1 paces while trying to call a few more
people.  P1 finally looks around, then up.)

P1  Okay, okay.  You got me alone.  I’ll stop running
.   and try this.  Could it possibly be even better
.   than strawberries?

(P1 picks up the Bible and exits in the other direction.)