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ADVENT SUNDAY – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Advent of Jesus, hope and new life
SCRIPTURE:    Is.42:6, 1 Cor.15:1-58, 1 Tim.1:15
Style:        drama/conversation:  kids discuss
.             the meaning behind the advent wreath
Cast:         KIDS 1-5 (you can have more or less kids
.             and divide up the lines accordingly)
Set & Props:  table, advent wreath with candles


(While KID 1 enters from one side, all the other KIDS
enter from the other side carrying the advent wreath
and all its candles.  As they set it down on the table,
KID 1 stops to ask about this.)

KID 1   What are doing?

KID 2   We are getting the advent wreath ready.

KID 3   This Sunday is the first Advent Sunday.

KID 1   What does that mean anyway?  I mean, I know
.       it leads up to Christmas.  And I get Christmas
.       and the whole baby-Jesus thing.

KID 4   Well, the advent wreath is a symbol of the
.       whole meaning and purpose behind Christmas.

KID 5   Christmas isn’t just about Jesus as a baby.

KID 1   You could have fooled me.  Right?  They’re
.       always talking about the birth of the Baby
.       in the lowly manger, and the shepherds
.       going to see and worship the Baby, and
.       the magi bringing gifts to honor the Baby.

KID 2   Sure, that’s part of the story of Jesus’ birth.
.       But there’s way more to it than just that.

KID 1   But what is the meaning of the word “advent”?

KID 3   The dictionary’s meaning of “advent” is “the
.       coming or the arrival of something important.”
.                                                       2
KID 1   Okay, but nowhere in the Bible’s Christmas
.       story does it use the word “advent.”

KID 4   No, but Jesus didn’t come to this world
.       just to be adored as a cute little Baby
.       and give us a chance to celebrate His birthday
.       every year.  It was so we could celebrate
.       our OWN spiritual birthdays.

KID 1   Huh?

KID 5   1 Timothy 1:15 tells us that “Jesus
.       came into the world to save sinners...”

KID 2   Jesus came to this earth as a baby
.       with a very important purpose.  So that
.       when He was older, He would die for our sins,
.       so that we could become Christians.

KID 3   That’s why we have Advent, and this wreath,
.       to remind us WHY Jesus came and that He
.       is coming again.

KID 1   Really?  ‘Cause, I’m getting really confused,
.       and I’m having a hard time understanding how.

KID 4   Okay, see this wreath?  (holds up the wreath)
.       The green symbolizes the new and everlasting life
.       that we can have through Jesus.

KID 5   (motioning out the circle of the wreath)
.       And the circle reminds us of God, Who is eternal,
.       Who has no beginning or end, and He has an
.       endless amount of mercy and love for everyone.

(KID 4 sets the wreath down on the table.  KID 2 picks up
the three purple or blue candles and the rose candle.)

KID 2   The light from all the candles symbolizes
.       the light of God coming into the world...
.       Jesus is the Light, and when we accept
.       His salvation, that light takes away the darkness
.       of our lives and brings us new life and hope.
.       The candlelight also reminds us that
.       we are called to be a light to the world
.       as we tell other’s about Jesus.
.                                                       3
KID 1   So why are there different colored candles?

KID 3   The three purple (or royal blue) candles
.       represent royalty.  Jesus is God, AND came from
.       royalty on earth.  Jesus came from the lineage
.       of King David and is the rightful heir to the
.       throne of Israel. But Jesus was rejected as king,
.       and was crucified.  So Jesus will be coming again
.       some day to fulfill this promise and sit on
.       the throne here on earth as the King of kings.

KID 1   And when will that be?

KID 3   We don’t know WHEN, but we do know that He WILL.
.       That’s another reason for this color – it also
.       symbolizes the night sky as we anticipate
.       the Second Coming of Jesus.

KID 4   The first candles are to inspire us to prepare.
.       So the first candle stands for hope.  Then there
.       is love and peace.  When we prepare our hearts,
.       we can experience all of these things.

(KID 4 places the purple/blue candles in their holders.)

KID 1   Then what’s the pink one stand for?

KID 5   Rose is to reflect JOY – as in - the celebration
.       of Jesus’s birth, death, resurrection and His
.       Second Coming.

(KID 5 places the rose candle in its holder.
KID 2 speaks as they carefully place the big white candle
right in the center.)

KID 2   And the big white candle goes in the center.
.       This is called the Christ Candle, which we will
.       light on Christmas Eve (or Christmas Day).
.       Jesus is the center of what we are celebrating
.       and should be the center of our lives.

KID 1   (pointing out each candle as they speak)
.       So hope, love, peace and joy all come from Jesus
.       which brings light to us and to all the world...
.       And here I just thought it was a pretty
.       center piece for decoration.