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ABRAHAMIC COVENANT - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       Abrahamic Covenant/promise; faith; serving
SCRIPTURE:   Gen.12:1 – 15:18; Heb.11:8-16
Style:       drama/conversation: Lot questions Abraham's
.            faithfulness to God
Cast:        ABRAM, LOT
Set & Props: 2 chairs


(ABRAM sits down, tired.  LOT approaches sheepishly.)

LOT    Uncle Abram –

ABRAM  Yes, Lot.

LOT    I – there’s – ah - something I don’t understand.

ABRAM  Sit down.  What do you want to know?

LOT    Well, where to start?  Okay, first, you left
.      your homeland.  And - other than your wife,
.      and me – you left your entire family.

ABRAM  God spoke to me and promised me:  land,
.      descendants and blessings.

LOT    So we move to this so-called promised land, but
.      there was a famine and we had to go to Egypt.

ABRAM  But God brought us back here and blessed us
.      with SO much that we ran out of land and
.      had to split up.

LOT    (speaks with guilt in his voice and mannerisms)
.      Yes, and you let me choose which land I wanted.
.      I went east to the Jordan valley... where it was
.      much greener.  And you stayed here in Canaan.

ABRAM  It’s all right.  Don’t feel bad.  God showed me
.      this land, and reminded me of all His promises.

LOT    I suppose because I took the nicer land,           2
.      my land was attacked and looted.  I mean,
.      they took all of my possessions, and took
.      all of us captive.  Probably serves me right.

ABRAM  But you are safe now.  Everything worked out.

LOT    Only because someone came and told you, and then
.      you came with your – trained men – your little
.      army – and saved us.

ABRAM  We are family.  Of course I’m going to help you.

LOT    I understand that.  What I don’t understand is,
.      the king of Sodom has offered you all the riches
.      taken in that war – and you turned it down!!!  I’m
.      struggling to understand this.  They JUST offered
.      you a reward for all your services.  That's it.

ABRAM  Ah, but if I took that reward, then people
.      would say that the king of Sodom made me rich.
.      I serve God.  And God is going to reward me greatly.

LOT    And you pretty much have everything, but –
.      you still do not have a son.

ABRAM  You worry too much.  God spoke to me again
.      last night, and again promised me the land,
.      descendants and blessings.  Soooo - I brought
.      that up with Him and mentioned that I could just –
.      make one of my servants an heir.  Okay, admittedly,
.      I worry sometimes too, and want to take matters
.      into my own hands.  But God promised me last night
.      that I would have my very own son.

LOT    And you believe Him?

ABRAM  Yes.  Last night God made a contract with me...
.      a covenant.

LOT    (getting worried)  Oh no!  You mean, the usual?
.      The type we use between each other?

ABRAM  Yes, God had me bring the proper animals and birds.
.      I split them in half, with a clear pathway between.
.                                                       3
LOT    And you both went down the pathway?!  Abram, you do
.      realize that you’re not ALWAYS so good with keeping
.      YOUR promises.

ABRAM  Oh, I realize this.

LOT    So you do realize that WHEN you break this covenant,
.      you will end up like those animals – split in half.
.      I’m talking death, here.  I mean, that’s how
.      it works.

ABRAM  I know.  Except that God caused me to fall into
.      a deep sleep, and then ONLY GOD passed through
.      the animal halves.

LOT    Wait.  So there’s an agreement, but it’s only up to
.      God to keep His side of the agreement?

ABRAM  Exactly.  God’s promise is always there –
.      no matter what I do.  But - the more I obey God,
.      the more blessings my family and I will receive.

LOT    But you could have had ALL the riches from
.      the king of Sodom RIGHT NOW.

ABRAM  Lot, don’t you think that if I accept this reward
.      from the king of Sodom, he would expect some loyalty
.      from me in return in the future, and who knows what
.      this man might all expect from me.  I do not want my
.      loyalty tied to some earthly king with questionable
.      morals and ulterior motives.  I choose the reward
.      given by God - who is all-powerful, all-knowing,
.      faithful, holy, just, patient, loving, and generous.
.      WHO do you think will give me a better life?
.      WHO do you think has my best interest at heart?

LOT    Sure, just when I think you’ve given me some
.      answers, you throw in a really big question.

(ABRAM slaps LOT on the back as they get up and walk out.)

ABRAM  Well, if you heard anything I've just said,
.      then you’ll know the big answer.