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IF WISHES CAME TRUE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       selfishness
SCRIPTURE:   Philippians 2:3
Style:       allegory/conversation: 3 princesses make
.            selfish wishes, only to realize what
.            a mistake it is to always get your way
.            (the 3 princesses) ANABEL, ISABEL, MIRABEL;
.             FRIENDS 1a-d, 2a-d, 3a-d
PROPS:       4 pieces of paper, 3 princess hats,
.            table, dish with cover, book, flower pot, rock

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(From the beginning, there is a table at SR;  a small table
with a book on it at UC;  flower pot at SL;  and rock at LC.
ANABEL, ISABEL and MIRABEL enter SR, smiling sweetly.)

NARRATOR 1   Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away,
.            there lived a king with three daughters,
.            Anabel, Isabel and Mirabel.  These 3 princesses
.            always wanted to get their own way.

ANABEL       I want to wear a pink dress to the party
.            this weekend.

ISABEL       No, I want to wear a pink dress!

MIRABEL      I was going to wear a pink dress.

ANABEL       We cannot all wear a pink dress.

ISABEL       So then – none of us will wear a pink dress?

MIRABEL      That seems fair enough.

(ALL 3 glare at each other.  Turning, they separate slightly
while muttering under their breath, ANABEL exits SR,
ISABEL walks down center then UR, MIRABEL exits SL.)

ALL          Except I will wear a pink dress anyway.
.                                                         2
NARRATOR 2   The princesses wanted to get their own way  
.            so much so, that a mischievous little fairy
.            thought she would have some fun with this.
.            So she decided one night to sneak in
.            and hide 4 wishes for the princesses to find.

FAIRY        This is going to be so much fun to watch.

(FAIRY tiptoes in from SL with a big grin on her face,
carrying 4 pieces of paper [wish coupons].  She hides
one in a dish with a cover over it on table SR,
the second inside a book cover at UC,
the third in the flower pot SL, the fourth under a rock LC.
Then giggles as she tiptoes out SL.)

NARRATOR 3   The mischievous little fairy could not wait
.            to see what terrible things would happen, and
.            decided to stay close by so she could watch.
.            The next morning, the youngest princess,
.            Anabel, was out playing with her friends.

(ANABEL skips in with FRIENDS 1a-d from SR.
ANABEL sees the table and stops, thinking.)

ANABEL       I’m so hungry for a snack.  But you must
.            guess what I want.  And whoever does,
.            will be my best friend for the day.

FRIEND 1a    Crumpets?

ANABEL       No.

FRIEND 1b    Scones and jelly-jam?

ANABEL       No.

FRIEND 1c    Dainty cucumber finger sandwiches?

ANABEL       No.

FRIEND 1d    Curds and whey?

ANABEL       Nooo!

FRIEND 1d    Or – whatever is in there?

(ANABEL curiously lifts the lid to look,
and finds the first wish coupon.  She reads it aloud.)

ANABEL       (reading) “To the one who finds this wish,  3
.            one wish will be granted.”
.            Well then, I wish – that all
.            the food in the world was chocolate.
.            Because that is what I want.

(FRIENDS all “mm” their agreement.)

ANABEL       Come on, let’s all go eat chocolate.

(ANABEL and FRIENDS 1a-d rush off SR.
ISABEL and FRIENDS 2a-d enter UR.)

NARRATOR 4   It did not take long before everyone
.            was very sick of chocolate,
.            including the youngest princess, Anabel.
.            Meanwhile, the second oldest princess,
.            Isabel, went outside with her friends.

ISABEL       I’m so sick of chocolate.
.            And I’m so bored.  Let’s play a game.

FRIEND 2a    Actually, I need to go home.
.            I have chores to do.

FRIEND 2b    Me too.  I’m supposed to sweep the floors.

FRIEND 2c    I have homework.

FRIEND 2d    For some reason, I have to make chocolate.

ISABEL       But then, what am I supposed to do?

FRIEND 2d    Why not – read a book.  (points at book)

ISABEL       (opens book, finds & reads wish coupon)
.            “To the one who finds this wish,
.            one wish will be granted.”
.            Well then, I wish – that everyone
.            is no longer allowed to work.  
.            Because all I want to do is play.

FRIEND 2a    But I really need to – ugh – ugh -
.            Strange, I cannot leave to do my chores.

(FRIEND 2a tries to leave to go home, but can’t.
Other FRIENDS try to leave to, but can’t.)

ISABEL       Everyone, follow me to the playroom.

(ISABEL and FRIENDS 2a-d exit UR.                        4
MIRABEL and FRIENDS 3a-d enter SL.)

NARRATOR 5   Because no one was able to work,
.            it did not take very long at all
.            for things to get very messy and dirty,
.            and for everyone to get very hungry –
.            although there was still chocolate
.            growing in the fruit trees.  Meanwhile,
.            the oldest princess, Mirabel, was trying
.            to spend a lovely afternoon with her friends.

MIRABEL      Look at all the weeds in the garden.
.            This used to be such a pretty place.
.            Do you not agree?

FRIEND 3a    Nothing is getting done!  I mean,
.            just look at me.  My dress is a mess.

MIRABEL      Well, at least my dress is still pretty.

FRIEND 3a    It’s okay.

MIRABEL      Just – okay?  Do you not LIKE me?

FRIEND 3a    Just because we like someone,
.            does not mean we will always agree.

FRIEND 3b    I think we can all agree that
.            we are all starting to smell bad.

MIRABEL      I do not!  You simply must agree with me
.            that I do not smell bad - at all.
.            Especially if I wear a flower.

FRIEND 3b    Flowers can only do so much.

(MIRABEL goes to pick a flower but finds third coupon.)

MIRABEL      (reading) “To the one who finds this wish,
.            one wish will be granted.”
.            Well then, I wish – that everyone
.            would always agree with me!
.            Because that is what I want.

FRIEND 3c    Whatever you say.

MIRABEL      Am I the prettiest person in the whole world?

FRIEND 3c    Indeed, you are.
.                                                        5
MIRABEL      And I smell lovely.

FRIEND 3c    You smell most lovely.

MIRABEL      Well now.  How about, let’s play tag.
.            Tag!  You’re it!

(MIRABEL tags FRIEND 3c, who tags her back.)

FRIEND 3c    Okay.  Tag – you’re it.

MIRABEL      No.  I am not “it”.  Caroline is it.

FRIEND 3d    You are so right.  I am it.

(EVERYONE runs away off UR with FRIEND 3d chasing them.)

NARRATOR 6   With every selfish wish that had been made,
.            things had just become worse and worse.
.            And soon even the oldest princess, Mirabel,
.            regretted the wish that she had made.

(The exasperated MIRABEL enters with FRIENDS 3a-d.)

MIRABEL      But I have run out of ideas.
.            What did YOU want to do now?

FRIEND 3d    Whatever YOU want to do.

MIRABEL      But I want you to think of something to do.

FRIEND 3d    Okay, I think I want to do –
.            whatever YOU want to do.

MIRABEL      STOP saying that!  This is so frustrating!

FRIEND 3d    (gushing)  We totally agree.

(Gasping, MIRABEL collapses to the ground
next to the rock at LC as ISABEL and FRIENDS 2a-d,
and ANABEL and FRIENDS 1a-d enter.  
ISABEL and ANABEL sit down next to MIRABEL.)

MIRABEL      Everything is such a mess.

ALL          (gushing)  Totally.  We could not agree more.

ISABEL       Say, what is beneath that rock over there?

(PRINCESSES reach for rock and find fourth wish coupon.)   6

ANABEL       It’s mine.

ISABEL       No, it is mine.

MIRABEL      (firmly)  No!  It is mine.

A & I        Of course, you are right.  It’s yours.

(MIRABEL begins very greedily, but then begins
to grow more and more thoughtful as she continues.)

MIRABEL      (reading) “To the one who finds this wish,
.            one wish will be granted.”
.            Well then, I wish – I wish...
.            I wish everything would go back
.            to the way it used to be.
.            Because that - is how it SHOULD be.

(ALL cheer and exit SR.  FAIRY enters SL and stomps around
a bit before exiting SL.)

NARRATOR 7   Much to the dismay of the mischievous
.            little fairy, with that last and final wish,
.            everything went back to the way
.            it had been.  Except that each princess
.            had learned a very valuable lesson:
.            that getting your own way
.            is NOT always such a good thing.