All rights to all skits, programs and dramas on this website
belong to me, Tanis Harms.

I give you permission to use all music written by myself.
You also have permission to rewrite or rearrange those.
Other sheet music received along with any director's packages
are public domain and do not require getting any rights
(unless you find different arrangements for those songs
or find / buy other songs, then it is your responsibility
to get any necessary
rights and permission if required).
There are several dramas where I recommend other music...
you will need to purchase those on your own,
and get the appropriate rights, if needed -
or write or find other appropriate songs.

I give you permission to edit scripts to make them shorter,
or to combine or separate dialogue lines to accommodate
the amount of actors you have available.
Then when you give credits, specify that it is:
 "written by Tanis Harms, edited by ________"

(EXCEPT for splitting or combining dialogues for characters)
I would appreciate if you sent me your edited versions,
so I could make sure all transitions and changes flow smoothly,
that the integrity of the script is maintained, and
that the dialogue cadences and inner & outer motives
which are unique to each character is maintained.

I would also greatly appreciate that if any changes
to the dialogue or any ad libbing is done,
that you kindly respect God's name and NOT use His name in vain,
whether it is in an exclamation of anger, surprise, joy, etc.
(even refrain from using altered versions of God's name,
such as "Gee" or "Geez" which is shortened from Jesus,
or "Gosh" or "Golly" which is changing syllables in God's name,
or even using His name/titles such as "Holy" or "Lord", etc.)

I give you permission to use any of my material from this website
for nonprofit projects (in churches, schools, homeschools...)  
“Nonprofit” would include fund-raisers for missionaries or
other such outreach projects.  I leave it up to your discretion
that something from this website is being used honorably.  

If you wish to use any material in any way from this website
for any monetary gains, which would include running a theater,
running an acting school, or selling any sort of recording/s...
you must get my permission and the appropriate rights.

DONATIONS & "PAYMENTS toward Director's Scripts"

I am not outright charging money for any materials on my website,
as I do not think it is fair to ask for payment
towards something that cannot be fully viewed first.  
As well, I
DO want to make these available
to the struggling church for no charge at all.

Depending on the financial situation of your church,
if you feel that you should donate something toward the use
of anything from this website, a very general guideline would be
something like $5 USD per short skit, and about $15 to $20 USD
for a long-form drama... but I leave that up to your discretion.
OR you can decide to order DIRECTOR'S SCRIPTS for long-form dramas
which will have assigned costs - INSTEAD of giving a donation.
.   (You will find the "buy now" buttons with the assigned costs
.    on the scripts themselves - wherever available.  I am
.    currently working to provide this for all long-form dramas.)


I give you permission to link my website from your website –
as long as you make it clear that you are NOT to be paid
for the use of anything taken from my website.
(You cannot link anything directly to a specific script,
or make copies of any scripts to be posted online
without my permission.)


I give you permission to record and post any skit, program or drama
taken from my website onto the internet, as long as it is not
for monetary gains; and please include my name and website address:
“written by Tanis Harms, www.church-skits.com”

I would also appreciate if you could send me the link
of your recording/s so that I can have the option
to add the link onto my website, but this is not mandatory.
VERY IMPORTANT:  if you are using ANY MUSIC
within any of the skits, programs or dramas, make sure you have
the appropriate rights/permission from those artists for each song.


Please email me at churchskits@yahoo.com