(I am currently working on putting together director's packages
for all long-form dramas below, along with music where applicable.)

.  AFTER THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER - (comedy)        director's package available
.  (medium) 100 minutes; 30 actors, musical is optional (like "Shrek")
.  JUST FOR FUN: 3 princesses must forgive their villains in order to move on.

ANIMALS AT THE CHRISTMAS SCENE - (comedy)      director's package available
.  (easy) 30 minutes; 14+ actors
.  STORY: animals learn all about the special baby born in their barn.

ANNA, THE PHARISEE'S DAUGHTER - (drama)        director's package available
.  (difficult) 90 minute; 7 actors, 13 bit players, + extras
.  STORY: despite her father's wishes, Anna is curious about Jesus' ministry.

ARE YOU READY - (drama/musical option)         director's package available
.  (difficult) 120 minutes; 18 actors, 10+ bit players, + extras
.  STORY: a visual depiction of the end times.

BEAT STREET - (dance-drama)         director's package available, NO MUSIC
.  (medium) 60 minutes;  9+ speaking parts, + dancers
.  STORY: reporter seeks gritty story but finds instead a message of hope.

THE BIBLE STORY - (fun-to-do talent show)      director's package available
.  (easy) 45 minutes; 38+ parts + extras (choir, dancers, etc.)       NO MUSIC
.  STORY: kids present the main message of the entire Bible.      WITH PACKAGE
.  (future plants to write original music for this)                        YET
THE BIDDING - (drama)                          director's package available
.  (medium) 90 minutes; 7 actors, 6 bit players (allegory)
.  STORY: born into slavery, Kelly finally sees she can choose freedom.

CASTLE OF ABDA - (allegorical fantasy)         director's package available
.  (medium) 90 minutes; 5 actors, 18+ bit parts (like "Lion, Witch & the...")
.  FUN STORY: a king's children rule together, but pride gets in the way.

CHRISTMAS GATHERING - (drama/musical)          director's package available
.  (medium) 90 minutes; 14 actors, + carolers (like "Everybody Loves Raymond")
.  STORY: a family gathering brings out more quirks and issues than expected.

Christmas programs                            director's packages available
.  (easy to medium) a variety of ideas with sheet music available

THE CHRISTMAS STORY - (vignettes in drama)     director's package available
.  (easy) 30 minutes; 15 actors, optional extras
.  STORY: the Christmas story is acted out as a mom tells her child the story.

DATING A SUPERHERO                             director's package available
.  (easy-med.) 30-90+ minutes; 5-62 improv. actors, volunteers or arranged
.  JUST FOR FUN: 14 different improv. game ideas with a superhero theme.

Easter programs                               director's packages available
.  (easy to medium) a variety of ideas with sheet music available

THE EASTER STORY - (vignettes in drama)        director's package available
.  (easy) 35 minutes; 12-39 actors (W/options)
.  STORY: the Easter story is acted out as a mom tells her child the story.

EVERYTHING HOLLYWOOD - (comedy/musical)        director's package available
.  (medium) 80 minutes; 10 actors, + singer-dancers (spoofing old movies)
.  JUST FOR FUN: star-struck Betty quickly discovers Hollywood's fickleness.

FAIRY TALE ADAPTATIONS PAGE -(comedy/fantasy) director's packages available
.  a collection of skits of varying degrees of difficulty and length
.  which can be combined in order to make longer shows or workshops,
.  perfect for kids and teens.

.  FAIRY TALE ADVENTURES - (comedy/fantasy)     director's packages available
.  a collection of original scripts using familiar fairy tale characters
.  which have optional bits in order to personalize for shows or workshops,
.  perfect for kids and teens
FARLEY'S DARLINGS - (mystery/comedy)           director's package available
.  (medium) 60 minutes; 9 actors (like a murder mystery dinner)
.  JUST FOR FUN: the Darlings are called to solve a crime at a charity function.

THE FINAL HUMILITY - (drama/musical)           director's package available  
THE FINAL HUMILITY - (for drama only)          director's package available
.  (difficult) 120 minutes; 4 actors, 35 bit players, + extras
.  STORY: 1700s. After losing his fortune, Marcus finds spiritual "riches".

GIFTS FROM THE TOYMAKER - (Christmas comedy/musical)      package available
.  (medium) 75 minutes; 18 actors (like "Toy Story")
.  STORY: a puppet entices the other toys to be selfish, only to find trouble.

GOOD FRIDAY - (vignettes in drama)             director's package available
.  (medium) 35 minutes; 11 actors, + extras
.  STORY: as Jesus tells people parables, a modern scenario is acted out.

LOVE COMES DOWN - (Christmas drama)            director's package available
.  (easy) 70 minutes; 7 actors, 33 bit players, + extras
.  STORY: Jesus’ birth has King Herod feeling threatened, but God protects.

MISS COMMUNICATIONS - (comedy/musical)
.  (medium) 80 minutes; 11 actors, 4 backup singers (spoofing "The Office")
.  JUST FOR FUN: as Barbara begins a new job, something suspicious is happening.
.  (future plants to write original music for this)

MY FAIR WEATHER GIRL - (comedy/musical)        director's package available
.  (medium) 90 minutes; 5 actors, 3 bit parts  (modern twist of "My Fair Lady")
.  JUST FOR FUN: Evelyn tries to lose her accent without losing her identity.
.  (future plants to write original music for this)

THE PRICE OF FREEDOM - (drama/musical option)  director's package available
.  (med.-diff.) 100 minutes; 4 actors, 21 bit players, + extras
.  STORY: 1859. Jessica unwittingly becomes part of the underground railroad.

A QUEEN OF COURAGE - (drama)                   director's package available
.  (medium) 90 minutes; 20 actors, + extras
.  STORY: Esther risks death approaching the king on behalf of her people.

REALITY CHECK - (drama)                        director's package available
.  (medium) 60 minutes; 4 actors, 19 bit players, + optional extras
.  STORY: five teens, each with different issues, find a message of hope.

RECIPE FOR DISASTER - (mystery/comedy)         director's package available
.  (medium) 45 minutes; 7 actors (like a murder mystery dinner)
.  STORY: someone sabotages the signature soufflé dish of Chef André.

RUNAWAY - (drama/musical option)
.  (medium) 40-70 minutes; 4 actors, 11+ bit players
.  STORY: in a dream, Shelly meets two alter-egos who try derailing her life.
.  (future plants to write original music for this)

SAVED BY GRACE - (drama/musical option)        director's package available
.  (med.-diff.) 90 minutes; 12 actors, 21+ bit players
.  STORY: Before writing "Amazing Grace", John Newton struggles to earn favor.

A SCROOGE FACES CHRISTMAS - (drama/musical)    director's package available
.  (medium) 60 minutes; 7 actors, 10+ bits, carolers (like "A Christmas Carol")
.  STORY: a man values money over family until learning a few lessons.

SERVICE TO THE KING - (drama)                  director's package available
.  (medium) 90 minutes; 12+ actors, 7 bit players, plus extras
.  STORY: in captivity, Daniel resolves to remain obedient to God.

SNAPSHOTS - drama/some music & dancing)        director's package available
.  (medium) 40 minutes; 8 actors, 9+ bit players, + extras (choir, dancers)
.  STORY: it takes many years for Audrey to turn her tragic life over to God.
.  (future plants to write original music for this)

SOUND OF SUCCESS - (musical)
.  (easy-med.) 75 minutes; 4 actors, 11 bit parts + extras (choir, dancers)
.  FUN STORY: women wonder what success is and why they don't have it.
.  (future plants to write original music for this)

TALENT SHOW OF GIFTS - (fun-to-do talent show) director's package available
.  (easy) 50 minutes; 3 actors, many bit parts, + extras (choir, dancers)
.  STORY: during a talent show rehearsal, Jamie learns how he can serve God.

TO SEE AND HEAR - (fun-to-do talent show)      director's package available
.  (easy) 30 minutes (allegory); 11-23+ parts, + extras (choir, dancers)
.  STORY: kids keep seeing things and struggle to believe until the end.

THE UGLY CABINET - (fantasy/comedy)            director's package available
.  (easy) 45 minutes; 9 actors  (like "Back to the Future")
.  FUN STORY: 3 kids go back to the 50s to grow personally & learn family unity.

THE ULTIMATE GIFT - (drama/musical option)     director's package available
.  (medium) 80 minutes; 4 actors, 10 bits, + extras (like "Pride & Prejudice")
.  STORY: 1700s. Now gentry status, Marcus struggles to protect his family.

 THE UNREAL REALITY OF IT ALL                   director's package available
.  (easy-med.) 90-180 min.; 18-74 actors (party, workshop or variety show)
.  JUST FOR FUN:  12 different sketches spoofing reality TV shows

WHEN WE WERE CHILDREN - (vignettes & songs)    director's package available
.  (easy) 45 minutes; 12 actors minimum, plus singers                 
.  STORY: salvation story told through biblical characters reminiscing.      

WHERE CHRISTMAS IS CREATED - (drama/musical)   director's package available
.  (medium-difficult) 75 minutes; 8 actors, +bits, +extras  ("Willy Wonka"-ish)
.  STORY: a factory tour and competition contains glitches which reveal truths.

WHO DONE IT?WHO DID IN WUBBY?-(mystery/comedy) director's package available
.  (easy) 45 minutes; 5 actors, 14 bit parts
.  STORY: Trish's 16th B-day party, Wubby is discovered... demolished.