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CHRISTMAS SYMBOLS – written by Tanis Harms

TOPIC:        Jesus’ birth and salvation message
SCRIPTURE:    Isaiah 9:2-7, James 1:17
Style:        a Christmas program with 3 parts -
.             with easy skits, scriptures and songs:
.             a family prepares for Christmas, which
.             sets the theme for each part and explains
.             the various symbols that relate
.             to Jesus’ birth and salvation message.
.             Recommended songs can be sung
.             either by soloists or a choir,
.             or you can find different songs.
Cast:         DAD, MOM, GIRL, BOY, READER/S
Set & Props:  tree, decorated tree, watering can,
.             decorations, sofa, wrapped gift boxes,
.             table, candles

.             $15.00 USD to receive a DIRECTOR’S SCRIPT
.                                    (plus sheet music)
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(Bells can be jingled to get the people’s attention.
Then FAMILY sings “Oh Christmas Tree” as they enter
the “living room set” where the evergreen
is already set up with lights.  
FAMILY decorates as they sing and then talk.)

.       (altered verse)

FAMILY  (sings)  O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
.       Your boughs can teach us meaning!
.       Oh Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
.       Your boughs can teach us meaning!
.       That constant faith and hope sublime
.       Lend strength and comfort through all time.
.       Oh Christmas tree, O Christmas tree
.       Your boughs can teach us meaning!

.                                                       2
GIRL    It’s such a beautiful tree.

BOY     We got the biggest tree on the lot,
.       didn’t we Dad?

(DAD shakes and massages one arm as if it still
has a cramp from carrying the tree.)

DAD     Sure felt like it.

MOM     (tousles BOY’S hair)  Good thing you had
.       such a strong young man to help carry it.

GIRL    Why didn’t we just cut down
.       the Christmas tree in our front yard?

DAD     It’s not really called a Christmas tree.
.       These types of trees are called evergreens.

GIRL    Because they always stay green?
.       Do they ever die?

DAD     Everything that grows on earth
.       eventually dies.

GIRL    Then they shouldn’t call them EVER-green.

DAD     Well, they stay green – until they die –
.       or you do something like - chop them down.

GIRL    So we just killed a tree?!

DAD     These were grown especially for Christmas.
.       The people at the tree farms
.       will definitely grow some more.

GIRL    But this tree is NOW going to die?

DAD     It will stay green for a while.

MOM     Especially if we add some water.

(MOM pulls out watering can to add water to tree.)

GIRL    So it will grow again?

MOM     Noooo, I just - won’t have to –              3
.       vacuum up so many pine needles!

GIRL    But why?  Why do we do this?

(DAD and MOM look at each other.  Finally...)

DAD     That is an excellent question –
.       for your mother.

MOM     Well, ahhhhh, mmmm, it’s been a tradition
.       for many years.

DAD     It’s pretty... or so I’ve been told.

MOM     It is pretty!  And it – is –

DAD     (aside)  a symbol.

MOM     Yes, it is a symbol... of Christmas.

DAD     Of life.  The ever-green-part means life.

MOM     Are you sure you don’t want to answer this one?

DAD     No-no, you’re doing good.

(MOM turns back to GIRL.)

MOM     Does that answer your question?
.       Are there any MORE questions
.       before we finish decorating the tree?

GIRL    (thinks)  Mmmmm...
.       noooo, I’m good for now.

(BOY raises hand shyly.  MOM looks at BOY.)

MOM     Yes, Jason?  Do you have a question?

BOY     Yes.  Why does Jenifer
.       ask so many questions?

(FAMILY freezes- MOM and DAD with bewildered expressions.
LIGHTS FADE on them.  LIGHT UP CHOIR singing
“O CHRISTMAS TREE” while FAMILY decorates tree.)

.       (verse 1 and 2)

READER  (reads/recites Isaiah 9:6)
.       “For a Child will be born to us,
.          a Son will be given to us;
.       And the government
.          will rest on His shoulders;
.       And His name will be called
.          Wonderful Counselor,
.          Mighty God,
.          Eternal Father,
.          Prince of Peace.”

R.2     (reads Isaiah 9:7)
.       “There will be NO END
.          to the increase of His government or of peace,
.       On the throne of David
.          and over his kingdom,
.       To establish it and to uphold it
.          with justice and righteousness
.          from then on and FOREVERMORE
.       The zeal of the LORD of hosts
.          will accomplish this.”

R.3     (reads Psalm 107:1)
.       “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good,
.       For His lovingkindness is everlasting.”

R.4     (reads Isaiah 26:4)
.       “Trust in the Lord forever,
.       For in God the Lord,
.       we have an everlasting Rock.”

R.5     (reads John 3:16)
.       “For God so loved the world,
.       that He gave His only begotten Son,
.       that whoever believes in Him shall not perish,
.       but have eternal life.”

R.6     (reads John 17:3)
.       “This is eternal life,
.       that they may know You, the only true God,
.       and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”


(LIGHTS COME UP on Christmas tree and living room.   5
It is now decorated.  GIRL and BOY sneak out
and see the presents under the tree.)

BOY     Are you now wondering about the meaning of gifts?

GIRL    I know they are a symbol of giving –
.       I’m just very curious
.       about WHAT is being given!

BOY     But you’re going to ruin the surprise.

GIRL    What difference will it make if I am
.       surprised now, or a little bit later?

(BOY thinks, then shrugs his shoulders.)

GIRL    Let’s see what this one might be.

(GIRL picks up a gift and shakes it.  Perplexed,
GIRL holds it up to her ear and shakes again
then looks for a name tag on the gift.
MOM and DAD peek around the corner, laughing.)

DAD     What ’cha all doing?

BOY     Jenifer is trying to ruin the surprise.

GIRL    I’m just trying to SPEED UP the surprise.
.       Huh, it doesn’t even have a nametag on it.

MOM     Well, your father and I know you WAY too well.

(GIRL picks up another present to examine and shake.)

DAD     Mom put on her thinking cap this year.
.       Because we know that you like
.       to do this sort of thing.  
.       Every year, we catch you
.       sneaking around and trying to figure
.       things out.

GIRL    Huh.  So you didn’t buy us
.       anything that shakes,
.       or anything that is shaped
.       like a book or –
.       snow globe?
.                                                   6
MOM     As soon as I bought something, I wrapped it up
.       right away, and I wrapped it up real good.
.       Everything has been put in a box that is shaped
.       like something else.

GIRL    AND - there are no nametags.  
.       How do you know who gets which present?

MOM     Oh!  I know!  I figured out a way.

GIRL    What?  Oh, did you color-code
.       the wrapping paper?  The bows?  The designs
.       on the wrapping paper?  The ribbons?

DAD     Seems our girl NEVER takes off HER thinking cap.

GIRL    So how will we know if we’ll like our presents?

MOM     Ahhh, when you open them up and see
.       what they are, then you will know.

DAD     Say, we’re your parents who love you.
.       Do you really think we would EVER give you
.       a present that you did not like?

GIRL    Nnooo.

MOM     So, tell us, what did YOU kids get
.       your father and me?

BOY     Ahhhh, I got you a VERY HUGE PRESENT.

(BOY mimes handing them a huge, huge present to DAD.)

DAD     Wow!  That is huge!  What in the world
.       is in here?

BOY     It’s a kiss wrapped up in a hug.
.       (hugs MOM and DAD)

MOM     Thank you.

DAD     Why, I love it.

MOM     (to GIRL)  And what do you have there?

GIRL    I just got you this here                    7
.       very tiny present.

(GIRL mimes handing MOM a very tiny package with just
her fingertips.)

MOM     Some of the greatest presents come in very
.       tiny packages.

GIRL    It’s a kiss wrapped up in a hug.  I know
.       you already got one, but...

(GIRL hugs MOM and DAD.)

MOM     Well, a person can never have
.       too many hugs hugs and kisses.

DAD     Thank you so much.  The very best gift
.       in the world - is love.



R.7     (reads Matthew 7:11)
.       “If you then, being evil,
.       know how to give good gifts to your children,
.       how much more will your Father who is in heaven
.       give what is good to those who ask Him!”

R.8     (reads Acts 2:38)
.       “Peter said to them,
.       ‘Repent, and each of you be baptized
.       in the name of Jesus Christ
.       for the forgiveness of your sins;
.       and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

R.9     (reads Romans 6:23)
.       “For the wages of sin is death,
.       but the free gift of God
.       is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

R.10    (reads Romans 3:24)
.       “being justified as a gift by His grace
.       through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus”

R.11    (reads Ephesians 2:8)                          8
.       “For by grace you have been saved through faith;
.       and that not of yourselves,
.       it is the gift of God”

R.12    (reads 2 Corinthians 9:15]
.       “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!”


(LIGHTS COME UP only dimly on FAMILY as MOM lights
the candles that sit on the table.  Curled up on sofa,
DAD, GIRL and BOY watch.)

GIRL    (yawning)  Why do you light candles?

MOM     Because, I like how it makes everything
.       look warm and cozy.

DAD     And it’s pretty... ah, or so we’ve heard.

(DAD nudges BOY, and BOY nods with a smile and a yawn.)

GIRL    It’s amazing how much they light up the room.
.       How does that work, anyway?

MOM     (to DAD)  Why don’t you take this one, dear?
.       You’re more the science guy.

(DAD shrugs big and holds that pose, until his line.)

GIRL    So it’s bright - because of science?

DAD     Yes!  That’s exactly it.

(GIRL looks at BOY, who shrugs.)

GIRL    WHAT - if the world was really bright,
.       and there would be just bits of darkness
.       that would spread out?  Huh?
.       That would be weird, and scary.
.       Good thing it doesn’t happen THAT way.  Huh?

DAD     (looks at MOM wondering what to think)
.       Isss – that a question?

GIRL    I’m just speaking - hypothetically.
.                                                      9
DAD     I am quite happy to hear that.

GIRL    Is that your answer?

DAD     (unsure how to answer)  Hypothetically.

MOM     (yawns)  Especially at this time of night.

BOY     (yawns)  Does Jenifer’s brain EVER get sleepy?

GIRL    So, the light - spreads out somehow.

DAD     Yes it does.

GIRL    And the more candles that are burning –
.       makes the room get even brighter.

DAD     That is how it works.

GIRL    So - what if everybody in the world got together
.       and lit a candle?

MOM     It would be a very bright place to be.

LIGHT GOES UP on choir.)


R.13    (reads Isaiah 9:2)
.       “The people who walk in darkness
.       Will see a great light;
.       Those who live in a dark land,
.       The light will shine on them.”

R.14    (reads Isaiah 60:20)
.       “Your sun will no longer set,
.       Nor will your moon wane;
.       For you will have the Lord
.       for an everlasting light,
.       And the days of your mourning will be over.”

R.15    (reads Psalm 36:9)
.       “For with You is the fountain of life;
.       In Your light we see light.”

R.16    (reads John 8:12)                           10
.       As Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world;
.       he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness,
.       but will have the Light of life.”

R.17    (reads 1 John 1:7)
.       “- if we walk in the Light
.       as He Himself is in the Light,
.       we have fellowship with one another,
.       and the blood of Jesus His Son
.       cleanses us from all sin.”

R.18    (reads Psalm 27:1)
.       “The Lord is my light and my salvation;
.       Whom shall I fear?
.       The Lord is the defense of my life;
.       Whom shall I dread?”


R.19    (reads James 1:17)
.       “Every good and perfect gift
.          is from above,
.       coming down from the Father
.          of the heavenly lights,
.       who does not change like shifting shadows.”


(DAD and MOM [maybe BOY and GIRL] pick up the candles and
go out into the congregation to start passing the light.
Or you can have the GIRL hold a candle, and have elders
come to light their candles, then walk along the aisles
to pass on the candlelight flame to the congregation.
CONGREGATION joins the CHOIR in singing “SILENT NIGHT.”)

SONG 8  “SILENT NIGHT, HOLY NIGHT” (vs.1-3, and 1 again)