(not including music)  all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
.             refer to

WHEN WE WERE CHILDREN – written by Tanis Harms, © 2014

PREMISE:   the Easter story is told through a few
.          biblical characters as they remember back
.          to when they were children and compare things
.          to what is happening at the moment
STYLE:     drama/musical  (flexible: choose all or some
.          scenes and some or all suggested songs,
.          or choose different songs)
TOPIC:     faith
SCRIPTURE: Matthew 18:3


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.                    CENTER STAGE


GROUP      “Rise and...
.          Rise and...
.          Rise and... (clap)
.          give God...
.          Children of...”

.                   SCENE 1 - HOPE
.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, JOHN enters, while calling out.  
RUEBEN follows and gets his attention.)


RUEBEN     John the Baptizer, are you a prophet
.          or the Christ?

(JOHN turns to study RUEBEN’S face for a moment, unsure.)

JOHN       Rueben?
.                                                       2
RUEBEN     John?!  I- barely recognize you.  Well?...
.          Could you possibly be the Christ?

JOHN       Do you not remember when we were children?

(JOHN and RUEBEN freeze while...)

.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, RUEBEN and GIRL 1-2 enter, playing.  
JOHN follows behind, seemingly lost in thought.  
RUEBEN looks behind and calls out.)

RUEBEN     John!  John!  What is taking you?

GIRL 1     Rueben, leave John alone.
.          You know how he is.
.          He’s just one of those daydreamers.

JOHN       I’m thinking.  And praying.

(CHILDREN are curious and approach.)

GIRL 1     Why would you be doing that?

RUEBEN     Yes, Hebrew school is done for the day.

GIRL 2     Boys are so lucky they can go to school.

RUEBEN     (to GIRLS)  Maybe you are the lucky ones.
.          There is so much to learn.

GIRL 2     I want to know what you learn?

JOHN       Right now we’re studying the words
.          written by the prophet Micah who tells us
.          about the Christ - our Messiah.
.          This is our rightful king who will
.          rule over our land and complete all
.          the promises God has made to us.

RUEBEN     That’s the cool part.  The Messiah will get
.          all our land back.  Then we’ll all be rich-

GIRL 1     Really?  So when is he coming?

JOHN       According to the prophet Daniel,             3
.          it should be very soon.  But-

GIRL 2     -But how will we recognize him?

RUEBEN     It could be anyone of us.

JOHN       Rueben, were you not listening
.          to the rabbi today?

RUEBEN     I was too hungry.  And Rabbi Jacob
.          loves to talk on and on about things.

JOHN       Well, the Rabbi was telling us that
.          the Messiah is to be born in Bethlehem.
.          I was not born in Bethlehem.  Were you?

RUEBEN     No.

JOHN       AND - Micah also writes that
.          “His goings forth are from long ago,
.          from the days of eternity.”

RUEBEN     So confusing.

JOHN       So interesting!

GIRL 2     What does that even mean?

JOHN       The Christ – our Messiah – will be God,
.          Himself.  Who else is eternal?
.          The Messiah will be sinless.
.          I know very well - I am not perfect.

GIRL 1     Nor I.

GIRL 2     None of us are...  It seems like
.          such a hopeless situation.

RUEBEN     My father’s ALWAYS going to the temple
.          to make sacrifices to God to cover our sins.

JOHN       Well, the good news is that the Messiah
.          is coming to take away our sins.  He will be
.          the perfect sacrificial Lamb of God.

(CHILDREN exit.)
.                                                       4
.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, JOHN picks up the conversation with RUEBEN.)

JOHN       So you see, I am not the Lamb of God.
.          I baptize you with water;
.          but One is coming who is mightier than I,
.          and I am not fit to untie His sandals;
.          He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit
.          and fire.

RUEBEN     We are all waiting.  How much longer
.          must we wait?

JOHN       Have faith.  There is hope.  Remember,
.          God keeps His promises.

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 1     “In the beginning was the Word,
.          and the Word was with God,
.          and the Word was God.
.          And the Word became flesh,
.          and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory,
.          glory as of the only begotten from the Father,
.          full of grace and truth.
.          John (the Baptist) testified about Him
.          and cried out, saying,
.          ‘This was He of whom I said,
.          “He who comes after me
.          has a higher rank than I,
.          for He existed before me.”’”
.          (John chapter 1, verse 1, 14 and 15.)

.                    CENTER STAGE


GROUP      “Remember your...
.          While you...
.          As a...
.          And see...
.          Oh, remember...
.          While you...
.          And let...
.          In th...”
.                                                       5

.                   SCENE 2 - TRUST
.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, NATHAN and PHILIP enter, talking.)

NATHANAEL  I’m still in complete awe.
.          We have met the Christ!

PHILIP     I came to tell you that.  Why did you not
.          believe me in the first place?

NATHANEL   Because I have learned not to trust
.          everything you say.

PHILIP     What?!  Nathanael, how can you say that.

NATHANAEL  Philip, do you not remember
.          when we were children?

.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, PHILIP and CHILD 1-2 huddle around,
admiring the two “wooden wheels” on an axel
in PHILIP’S hands.)

CHILD 1    Wow!  Philip, how did you make this?

CHILD 2    Cool.  So what are we going to build?

(As NATHANEL enters, calling out, PHILIP keeps
his toy-of-sorts hidden from NATHANAEL.)

NATHANAEL  Philip!  There you are.  What are you
.          all doing?

CHILD 2    Oh great.  Nathanael is here.

PHILIP     Nathanael, what do you want?

NATHANAEL  (shyly)  Just want to know
.          what you’re all doing?

PHILIP     We’re making something.

.                                                       6
PHILIP     It’s top secret.

NATHANAEL  You know you can trust me.

CHILD 1    Nathanael’s okay.  You can trust him.

(PHILIP thinks then pulls out the “wheels” and axle
and shows NATHANAEL.)

NATHANAEL  Cool.  Can I help?

CHILD 2    Maybe.

NATHANAEL  What’s it going to be?

PHILIP     We were thinking about making a chariot.
.          Yeah, we’re making a toy chariot.

CHILD 2    Like the Roman soldiers have.

NATHANAEL  What are you going to use as the horse?

PHILIP     (thinking)  How about... a chicken.

NATHANAEL  Why – why not a dog?

PHILIP     Because I want a chicken.  

Child 1    Yeah, because we want the Romans
.          to run out of our land like chickens.

PHILIP     So how about, while we’re building
.          the rest of the chariot,
.          you can go catch us a chicken.

NATHANAEL  Where am I going to find a chicken?

PHILIP     Achihud’s backyard.

NATHANAEL  I cannot just go and take one of Achihud’s
.          chickens.  That would be stealing.

PHILIP     Relax.  He said we could.

NATHANAEL  Are you sure?

PHILIP     We’ll make sure we bring back the chicken.   7

CHILD 2    Go on.  Once you get back,
.          you can help us build the chariot.

(Unsure, NATHANAEL exits.  CHILD 2 turns back to PHILIP.)

CHILD 2    Good one!

CHILD 1    It’ll take him forever to catch a chicken!

PHILIP     That’s the idea.

CHILD 1    And what if Nathanael gets caught?

PHILIP     Relax, Achihud will understand
.          once I tell him it was all a joke.

(PHILIP and CHILD 1-2 laugh as they exit.)

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, NATHANAEL stares back at PHILIP,
waiting for an explanation.)

PHILIP     Okay, so I played a few jokes on you.
.          But that was when we were children.
.          Now, I came to tell you something
.          that was very serious and real.

NATHANAEL  You said that He was Jesus of Nazareth-

PHILIP     So?

NATHANAEL  Besides not trusting you, you do know
.          that I distrust people –
.          especially people from Nazareth!

PHILIP     But you just met Jesus, and
.          NOW you believed Him completely.

NATHANAEL  Well, yes.  As soon as Jesus saw me,
.          He said something that no one
.          could have known about.
.          He had seen me under the fig tree.
.          I was alone then.  And as you explained,
.          you were with Jesus at the time.
.                                                       8
PHILIP     Are you going to join me then?

NATHANAEL  I’m going to follow and trust Jesus, yes!
.          He is truly the Son of God and King of Israel.

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 2     “It is a trustworthy statement,
.          deserving full acceptance,
.          that Christ Jesus came into the world
.          to save sinners!”
.          (1 Timothy chapter 1, verse 15)
.          “I will proclaim Your name to My brethren,
.          In the midst of the congregation
.          I will sing Your praise.  And again,
.          I will put My trust in Him...”
.          (Hebrews chapter 2, verses 12 to 13a)

.                    CENTER STAGE


GROUP      “We will...
.          Yes Lord...
.          We will...
.          Yes Lord...
.          With ...
.          Here a...
.          Everywhere a...
.          We will...
.          Yes Lord...”

.               SCENE 3 - THANKFULNESS
.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, ADINA approaches MARY.)

MARY       Adina!  It has been a while, hasn’t it?

ADINA      Mary!  Indeed!  Since the wedding, in fact.
.          How are you?  Oh! And I was so busy with that,
.          I completely forgot to thank you - for
.          helping out with the wine-shortage situation.
.          People are still gushing on about how
.          that was the best wine they have ever had.
.                                                       9
MARY       Do not thank me.  Thank Jesus for that.

ADINA      I’m sure He’s far too busy to talk with me.
.          You - can thank Him for me.

MARY       Really, you should thank Him, yourself.
.          I did not do anything except ask Jesus
.          to help with that.

ADINA      Exactly!  And you got your way by asking.
.          Remember when we were children?

.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, MARY and ADINA and GIRLS 1-2 enter,
all holding their own dolls.)

GIRL 1     I’m so glad my chores are done.

GIRL 2     We have a bit of time before dinner.

ADINA      So, what are we going to play today?

MARY       House!

ADINA      Mary, you always get your way.
.          We always play house.

MARY       Because – we all like to play house.

GIRL 1     I already live in a house.

GIRL 2     We could play – tent.  That’s different.
.          We can pretend that we are living in tents.

MARY       Sure, a tent is house.  We can play
.          house-tent.  And I will be the mom.

ADINA      You’re always the mom.  What if
.          someone else wants to be the mom today?

MARY       Sure!  We can all be moms.  See,
.          we all have our own babies.

(MARY rocks and shushes her doll.  GIRL 1-2 copy her.  
Meanwhile, ADINA holds her doll upside-down by a leg.)
.                                                      10
MARY       (singing)  “Lullaby, and goodnight-“

ADINA      I kind of feel like making designs
.          with rocks in the sand-

GIRL 1     That sounds like fun.

(MARY notices how ADINA is holding the doll.)

MARY       Adina, you’re holding your baby all wrong.

ADINA      It’s a doll.

MARY       Right now, it’s a real baby,
.          and it’s not very happy.

ADINA      (gasping and holding the baby properly)
.          I think the babies need to sleep now.

MARY       (gently)  They just woke up.

GIRL 2     (shrugs)  I guess they just woke up.

ADINA      I think my baby wants to go make designs
.          with rocks in the sand.

GIRL 1     That sounds like fun.

MARY       Babies should not play with rocks.
.          They could swallow one.

GIRL 2     (shrugs)  I guess that would be dangerous.

MARY       (to ALL)  Come on, let’s go play
.          with our babies.  SAFELY!

(ALL exit, ADINA rolling her eyes as she follows.)

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, ADINA addresses MARY.)

ADINA      And somehow, you seemed to always
.          get your way.

MARY       I’m sorry.
.                                                      11
ADINA      At least it usually was not in a rude way.

MARY       Still, that was still wrong of me to
.          manipulate all of you like that.  Really.

ADINA      So, you will talk to Jesus for me?
.          You are His mother, after all.
.          He will listen to you and do ANYTHING for you-

MARY       Jesus is the Son of God.
.          I am like everyone else – a sinner!
.          We must all humbly go to Jesus on our own.

(MARY and ADINA exit.)

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 3     “Someone said to Him, ‘Behold,
.          Your mother and Your brothers are
.          standing outside seeking to speak to You.’
.          Jesus... answered, ‘Who is My mother
.          and who are My brothers?’  And
.          stretching out His hand toward His disciples,
.          He said, “Behold My mother and My brothers!
.          For whoever does the will of My Father
.          who is in heaven, he is My brother
.          and sister and mother.”
.          (Matthew chapter 12, verses 47 to 50.)

.                    CENTER STAGE


GROUP      (vs 1)  “Je-sus was...
.          Sent from...
.          To a...
.          Just to...”

.          (vs 2)  “And He...
.          And in...
.          He o-beyed...
.          Just as...”

.     or:  “WATER TO WINE”

.                   SCENE 4 – LOVE                     12
.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, SHIRAN approaches VARDA with
great excitement.)

SHIRAN     Varda, come!  You must come with me!
.          I went to the well to get water today,
.          and I met a wondering man!

VARDA      Shiran, do you really think we should
.          listen to you whenever you get excited
.          about meeting ANOTHER man?

SHIRAN     I know, I know, I used to put my faith
.          in people, but-

VARDA      Even when you were a little girl,
.          you were like that.  Do you remember
.          when we were children?

.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, SHIRAN enters sadly, and plunks herself
down on the ground to sulk.  VARDA and DANOR enter,
and start to walk past.  SHIRAN looks up and smiles
at DANOR.)

SHIRAN     Hello, Danor.

(VARDA stops to address DANOR.)

VARDA      That's Shiran!  Do not speak to her!

DANOR      Why?

VARDA      Her family does not go to worship God anymore.

SHIRAN     (slowly stands and faces to DANOR)
.          Do you always let your sister, Varda,
.          make your decisions for you?

(DANOR swings his attention over to SHIRAN and
studies her for a moment, thinking.)

DANOR      So why do you not worship God anymore?

SHIRAN     Because God does not exist.                 13

VARDA      (gasping)  Be careful!  Or God will
.          strike you down.

SHIRAN     We are told that salvation is from the Jews,
.          yet they hate all of us Samaritans.

VARDA      That is not a reason to stop worshiping God.

SHIRAN     The Jews say that the only proper place
.          to worship God is in Jerusalem.  But,
.          they do not let us go there to worship.
.          So – what is the point.  If we are dead
.          to God – then God is dead to me.

DANOR      I hear that the scriptures say: the Christ,
.          the Messiah is coming, and when He comes,
.          He will declare all things to us.

SHIRAN     You think the Messiah will bother
.          to come here - to Samaria?

DANOR      Then how do you plan to live your life?

SHIRAN     I will do what is necessary to survive.
.          Find a man... to marry me and look after me.
.          And HE will be my life - my everything.

VARDA      Be your everything?  I pity him already.
.          No man could ever live up to that.

(VARDA and DANOR exit.  SHIRAN then sadly exits.)

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, SHIRAN turns back to VARDA.)

SHIRAN     The man at the well is different.  He is the
.          Christ - the Messiah that we were told about.

VARDA      And He spoke - to YOU?

SHIRAN     What He said, shows that He cares about me,
.          even though I’m a Samaritan - a nobody-

VARDA      And you have been married how many times?
.                                                      14
SHIRAN     Jesus also made sure I understood that
.          even though I had made MANY mistakes
.          in my life, He still loves me –
.          and I could have the gift of God.

VARDA      And why YOU?

SHIRAN     It’s for everyone.  Living water!
.          Jesus is the Savior of the world.
.          Come with me!  You can meet Him, yourself!

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 4     “For God so loved the world,
.          that He gave His only begotten Son,
.          that whoever believes in Him shall not perish,
.          but have eternal life.”
.          (John chapter 3, verse 16)

.                    CENTER STAGE

.          (just the first verse)

GROUP      “Jesus loves...
.          All the...
.          Red and...
.          They are...
.          Jesus loves...”

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, ELIANA enters with an empty basket,
and bumps into MATTHEW.)

ELIANA    Why, Matthew!  I cannot say it is nice
.         to see you.  I was on my way to market
.         to buy groceries, but I suppose once
.         I have paid you all my taxes,
.         I shall not have any money left over.

MATTHEW   I can certainly understand why you would
.         say all of this, but I want you to know
.         that I have changed.
.                                                      15
ELIANA    Change?  You?  Seriously, do you remember
.         when we were children?

.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, ELIANA and GIRL enter, carrying a basket
with produce and maybe bread.  Seeing them as he enters,
MATTHEW approaches.)

MATTHEW   Eliana!  What do you all have there?

ELIANA    What do you want now, Matthew?

MATTHEW   Why do you assume I want something?

GIRL      You always want something.

MATTHEW   Yeah, I guess that’s a truthful statement.
.         Don’t you want the very best for your life?

GIRL      This might be a trick question.

ELIANA    (thinking)  I suppose, as good as possible,
.         but - I wouldn’t want to step on anyone,
.         or do anything wrong to get that.

MATTHEW   Well, I think we deserve the very best.
.         And I will not stop until I’m very rich,
.         and I have many people serving me-

GIRL      Don’t look at me.  I already serve my parents.

ELIANA    I thought life was about joy and contentment.

MATTHEW   (philosophically)  What is that, anyway?
.         I will only feel joy and contentment
.         once I have everything I want.

GIRL      Whatever.  I’m not impressed.

ELIANA    So - what is it you want?

MATTHEW   I just told you.

ELIANA    Not for your future, I mean, right now!
.         What did you want from us right now?
.                                                      16
MATTHEW   Nothing.  Just stopped to say hello.

(ELIANA looks at GIRL with eyes rolling.  As ELIANA
shakes her head and turns so her and girl can leave,
MATTHEW quickly takes a pieces of fruit or bread
from their basket, then smiles proudly at his “prize”.
MATTHEW exits, and ELIANA looks back at MATTHEW
and shakes her head again, not impressed.)

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, ELIANA scowls at MATTHEW.)

ELIANA    You were a little thief then, and you are
.         a big thief now.  Just a selfish, greedy,
.         cheating tax collector-

MATTHEW   That I was.  But I’m no longer a tax collector.
.         And I am sorry for ever stealing from anybody.
.         Jesus has changed my life.

ELIANA    You’ve always wanted everything for yourself,
.         and wanted everyone to serve you-

MATTHEW   And now I am serving others!  More importantly,
.         because I WANT to, I am serving
.         the King of kings, and Lord of lords.
.         It is no longer about me.  Me! – Matthew!  
.         I have found true joy and I’m actually content!
.         And this change that’s happened in me –
.         is only because of Jesus.

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 5    “Therefore do not let what is for you
.         a good thing be spoken of as evil;
.         for the kingdom of God
.         is not eating and drinking,
.         but righteousness and peace and joy
.         in the Holy Spirit.
.         For he who in this way serves Christ
.         is acceptable to God and approved by men.
.         So then we pursue the things
.         which make for peace and
.         the building up of one another.
.         (Romans chapter 14, verses 16 to 19.)
.                                                      17

.                    CENTER STAGE


GROUP      (vs 1) “I am...
.          Tells of...
.          Wonderful things...
.          This is...”

.          (Refrain) “I am...
.          Jesus loves...
.          I am...
.          Jesus loves...”

.          (vs 2) “Though I...
.          Still He...
.          Back to...
.          When I...”

.          (Refrain) “I a...
.          Jesus loves...
.          I am...
.          Jesus loves...”

.          (vs 3) “Oh if...
.          When in...
.          This shall...
.          ‘Oh, what...’”

.          (Refrain) “I am...
.          Jesus loves...
.          I am...
.          Jesus loves...”

.           SCENE 6 -  STRENGTH & POWER
.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, MARY MAGDALENE meets up with HILA and
her CHILD.  MARY smiles as she recognizes HILA.)

MARY       Hila?  I have not seen you in a while.

HILA       Mary?  Mary Magdalene?

(Suddenly scared, HILA hugs her CHILD close, then      18
quickly and firmly speaks to the CHILD.)

HILA       Go – play with those children over there.
.          I will not be long.

(As CHILD quickly exits, HILA cautiously looks back
at MARY, who completely understands her reaction.)

MARY       You don’t have to be afraid of me, anymore.

HILA       (tersely)  I know what you became.
.          And, I could see it coming.
.          Even back then, when we were children.

.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, MARY enters, crying, clutching herself
as if beaten and bruised and violated.  HILA and
GIRL 1-2 enter and see MARY.)

HILA       Mary, are you all right?

(MARY tries to speak but can only shake her head.)

GIRL 1     Did someone hurt you?

(MARY freezes, and swallows, not knowing what to say.)

GIRL 1     Badly?  Did someone hurt you badly?

(MARY folds her arms high and buries her head
in her arms, nodding and sobbing.)

GIRL 2     Should we get your mom?  Or dad?

(MARY looks up with a gasp, and quickly shakes her head.)

GIRL 1     Did THEY do something to you?!

MARY       No!  They just wouldn’t understand.
.          Or care.  They’d say it was my fault.

HILA       Was it?

MARY       How- how could you say that?

HILA       I’ve noticed, you’ve been hanging out       19
.          with questionable people.

(MARY becomes very angry and defensive now.)

MARY       I have been trying to avoid people.
.          You cannot trust anyone!
.          Even the ones you think are friends.
.          In fact, they – are the worst.

HILA       How can you say that?

MARY       Experience.  Lots of experience!
.          People just love to make others suffer.

GIRL 2     You need to trust and obey God-

MARY       God hates me!  I want nothing to do with God.
.          From now on, I will take matters
.          into my own hands and find strength and power
.          in OTHER ways.

GIRL 2     God did not make you suffer.  People did.

MARY       But God did nothing to save me.

(MARY storms off.  HILA and GIRL 1-2 exit in
the other direction.)

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, MARY smiles meekly to HILA.)

MARY       God has saved me.  God sent Jesus to earth
.          to save all of us.  So there is hope,
.          because God is all powerful.

HILA       You – you were in a very bad way,
.          doing things that were detestable.  And you-
.          were completely out of your mind, actually.

MARY       That is one way to put it, yes.
.          I depended on my own strength and power,
.          and soon found that this was not enough.
.          So I looked to – other sources-
.          other spiritual powers, shall we say-
.          and THEN found myself having no power at all.
.                                                      20
HILA       Smart people avoid you.  So what kind of man
.          is this Jesus – to approach YOU.

MARY       Jesus is not just a man.
.          Jesus is God’s Son, who has power
.          over even the darkest things imaginable.
.          Only through Jesus’ power was I saved,
.          and that is what I lean on now.
.          I no longer have to fear.

.                    STAGE RIGHT

(You can have more narrators for this portion, and
can also pick and choose which verses you want recited.
Recite these with great energy, and like a poem.)

NAR. 6A    “Seek the Lord and His strength;
.          Seek His face continually.”
.             (Psalm chapter 105, verse 4)

NAR. 6B    “Great is our Lord and abundant in strength;
.          His understanding is infinite.”
.             (Psalm chapter 147, verse 5)

NAR. 6C    “The God who girds me with strength
.          And makes my way blameless?”
.             (Psalm chapter 18, verse 32)

NAR. 6A    “The Lord is my strength and song,
.          And He has become my salvation.”
.             (Psalm chapter 118, verse 14)

NAR. 6B    “O my strength, I will sing praises to You;
.          For God is my stronghold,
.          the God who shows me lovingkindness.”
.            (Psalm chapter 59, verse 17)

NAR. 6C    “For You have been a refuge for me,
.          A tower of strength against the enemy.”
.            (Psalm chapter 61, verse 3)

NAR. 6A    “The Lord is my strength and my shield;
.          My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped;
.          Therefore my heart exults,
.          And with my song I shall thank Him.”
.             (Psalm chapter 28, verse 7)
.                                                      21
.                    CENTER STAGE


GROUP      (vs 1) “Jesus loves...
.          For the...
.          Little ones...
.          They are...”

.          (chorus) “Yes, Jesus...
.          Yes, Jesus...
.          Yes, Jesus...
.          The Bible...”

.          (vs 2) “Jesus, take...
.          Make it...
.          Thou hast...
.          I will...”

.          (chorus) “Yes, I...
.          Yes, I...
.          Yes, I...
.          In prayer...”

.               SCENE 7 - RELATIONSHIP
.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, MARY and MARTHA enter to talk.)

MARTHA     I do not understand why I – was reprimanded.
.          I was working hard while you were
.          just sitting there and doing nothing!

MARY       I was listening to Jesus.
.          What He had to say was very important.

MARTHA     And what I was doing is NOT important?
.          I do not understand why Jesus defended you.  
.          Mary, do you actually think that you
.          are better than me?

MARY       I have never thought that.
.          Besides, it’s not a competition.
.          I do not understand why you see it that way.
.          You always have.
.                                                      22
MARTHA     I have not!

MARY       Martha!  Remember when we were children?

.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, MARTHA catches up to MARY while carrying
an armload of firewood.)

MARTHA     Mary, Mom told you to help me.

MARY       She did not.

MARTHA     Did too!

MARY       So did not!  Martha, I have already
.          finished my chores.  I’m now going
.          to spend some time with Dad.

MARTHA     Why?

MARY       Because... I love him, and I just like
.          spending time with him.  We talk, and
.          he teaches me different things about life.

MARTHA     Well that will not earn his love.

MARY       What?  Dad loves both of us – just because.

MARTHA     Mary, you are kidding yourself.
.          I hear that every man likes to eat
.          and have a clean house.  That includes Dad.
.          So I’m going to work so hard, that he will
.          HAVE TO acknowledge everything I’ve done for
.          him.  And then, he’ll love me all the more.

MARY       Dad will NOT love you more.

MARTHA     Of course he will.  He will see me
.          working hard, and he will see you just
.          sitting right there - NOT doing anything.

MARY       Spending time with someone IS doing something.
.          There are more important things
.          in a relationship, like – having
.          a relationship.  That is showing love.
.                                                      23
MARTHA     Doing things for people is showing love.
.          Now, we need to sweep the kitchen.

MARY       I just swept the kitchen.

MARTHA     Well, it needs sweeping again!
.          Life is messy.  Things keep getting messy –
.          and we have to keep cleaning it up.

MARY       Including relationships.

MARTHA     How in the world do relationships get messy?

MARY       There are so many ways.  Dad and I were
.          talking about that just the other day.

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, MARY and MARTHA continue talking.)

MARY       The main thing is that our relationship
.          with God needs cleaning up.  And the only way
.          we can do that – is if we go to Him.

MARTHA     But we are to serve God.

MARY       Yes, but that will not make God love us more.
.          That will not earn His favor.
.          God wants to have a relationship with us,
.          and Jesus is the only way!  Do you think
.          your way is better than God’s?  To be a child
.          of God, you must know Jesus personally.

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 7     “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them,
.          and they follow Me;
.          and I give eternal life to them,
.          and they will never perish;
.          and no one will snatch them out of My hand.
.          My Father, who has given them to Me,
.          is greater than all;
.          and no one is able to snatch them
.          out of the Father’s hand.
.          I and the Father are one.”
.          (John chapter 10, verses 27 to 30)
.                                                      24

.                    CENTER STAGE


GROUP      (vs 1) “Je-sus went...
.          Mar-y and...
.          Mar-tha was...
.          But what...?”

.          (chorus) “Lord, make...
.          I have...
.          She just...
.          She needs...”

.          (vs 2) “Mar-tha, oh...
.          That is...
.          Mar-y has...
.          She's learn-ing...”

.          (chorus) “Some things...
.          Oth-ers are...
.          I will...
.          I'll do...”

.                 SCENE 8 - HUMILITY
.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, JAMES and JOHN enter, looking defeated.)

JAMES      Well, that was embarrassing.

JOHN       A complete humiliation, to say the least.

JAMES      I do not understand!  John, what was so bad
.          about asking Jesus if we could sit at His
.          right and left side after all of this is over?

JOHN       I don’t know.  Do you think it was a mistake
.          to have Mom help plead our case?

JAMES      Who else knows us better than Mom?

JOHN       And who else can plead a better case
.          than mom?  No one says ‘no’ to her!
.                                                      25
JAMES      (indignantly)  Seriously!  What was Jesus
.          talking about – if we want to be great –
.          we must be – servants – SLAVES!??

JOHN       (becoming reflective)  James, do you remember
.          when we were children?

.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, JAMES and JOHN enter with GIRLS 1-2,
and BOYS 1-2 following them.)

BOY 1      John!  James!  Why do you always think
.          it should be you guys in charge?

JAMES      Because – we’re the best.

JOHN       Exactly.  Who else should be in charge?
.          Not you.  (to BOY 2)  Certainly not you!
.          (to GIRLS 1-2)  Definitely not girls.

JAMES      Again – we’re the best!

BOY 1      What makes you think that?

JAMES      Our mom tells us every day
.          that we’re better than all of you.

BOY 2      Seriously?  Ah- best at everything?

JAMES      Ah, yeah!

GIRL 1     You can bake bread?!

JOHN       (waving that off with a psh)
.          That’s only women’s work.

GIRL 1     Still!

GIRL 2     So you cannot do everything!

JOHN       We don’t have to know how to do that!
.          You women will do that for us.

GIRL 1     Still!

GIRL 2     Exactly!  So we still CAN do something      26
.          that you cannot do.

JAMES      You’re only a girl.  So what if
.          you can make bread.  You women
.          would be nowhere if it weren’t for us.

GIRL 1     So what if all women stopped making bread,
.          and meals?  Could you survive?

JOHN       Jacob and Esau could make stew.
.          We could learn to cook.

GIRL 1     What if we didn’t want to teach you?

JOHN       We’ll just figure it out.  We’re smart!

JAMES      OR – we’ll just find someone else
.          to serve us.

BOY 2      And who are YOU going to serve?

JAMES      Oh - no, we are not servants.
.          We’ll be the boss over everyone.

BOY 2      You’re not the boss of me.

BOY 1      What about God?  Are you saying
.          that you are above God?

JOHN       Ahhhhhh- no!  God is above us.  But-
.          God needs people to rule over His people.
.          And we are going to be THAT.

GIRL 1     Oh yeah?  So what would be your first orders?

JAMES      Make us something to eat!

GIRL 2     What about looking after the poor and needy?

JAMES      You all don’t know what you’re talking about.
.          People are poor because they aren’t
.          working hard enough.

JOHN       (to JAMES)  Come on.  They’ll see.
.          One day we’ll be in charge of things,
.          and THEN – THEY’LL - SEE.  
.                                                      27
GIRL 2     We may not go to Hebrew school, but we do know
.          that the Law says we “shall not oppress
.          a hired servant who is poor and needy.”

BOY 1      The girls are correct.

BOY 2      I’m thinking anyone ruling over people
.          should know these things.

(JAMES and JOHN look at each other with a concerned
expression, then quickly walk away with determination.)

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, JAMES and JOHN continue the conversation.)

JAMES      I know we learned those scriptures in
.          Hebrew school.  I guess we did not believe
.          the words being taught.  Or, most likely,
.          did not WANT to follow the words being taught.

JOHN       I suppose if we’re not humble enough to
.          serve people, then we’re not humble enough
.          to realize that we’re sinful and need saving.

JAMES      Jesus keeps talking about a cross, and dying.
.          Maybe we’re NOT able to do what He is
.          about to do.

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 8     “Calling them to Himself,
.          Jesus said to them,
.          ‘You know that those who are recognized
.          as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them;
.          and their great men exercise authority
.          over them.  But it is not this way among you,
.          but whoever wishes to become great among you
.          shall be your servant;
.          and whoever wishes to be first among you
.          shall be slave of all.
.          For even the Son of Man
.          did not come to be served, but to serve,
.          and to give His life a ransom for many.”
.          (Mark chapter 10, verses 42 to 45)

.                    CENTER STAGE                      28


GROUP      “If you...
.          Learn to...
.          Learn to...
.          Learn to...
.          If you...
.          Learn to...”

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, NICODEMUS enters, resolute.  CHAVA follows,

CHAVA       NOW you are going to be bold and speak out?
.           After Jesus has been killed on the cross?
.           Nicodemus, if ever there was a more dangerous
.           time to do this – it would be now.
.           The Pharisees will see this act as betrayal.

NICODEMUS   I thought that by remaining a Pharisees
.           I could help save Jesus somehow.
.           But- there was nothing I could do.
.           Chava, the least I can do for Jesus
.           is help bury Him...  Chava? I hope that
.           you will be with me in this.

CHAVA       You’ve never really been the brave one.
.           Or have you forgotten?


CHAVA       When we were children?

.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, NICODEMUS walks in shaking his head.
CHAVA is right on his heels.  CHILD 1-2 enter and
stand in the background, listening in.  Periodically
they giggle quietly to certain comments.)

NICODEMUS   Chava, don’t make me say it.

CHAVA       Why not?                                   29

NICODEMUS   It’s – weird...

CHAVA       No one is around.


CHAVA       It’s not weird.  I just need to hear it...
.           (waits, then)  It’s my future, too, you know.
.           Our fathers have arranged our marriage
.           believing that we would care about
.           each other.  So I just want to KNOW that-
.           that you care...  I’m scared too, you know!

NICODEMUS   Ugh, okay.  I – like – you.

CHAVA       You better!  Because we have spend
.           our entire lives together.

(CHILD 1-2 now have to laugh out loud.  
NICODEMUS slaps his forehead with embarrassment.  
CHAVA is not impressed with NICODEMUS’ reaction.)

CHILD 1     So, Nicodemus, you like Chava?


(NICODEMUS quickly realizes CHAVA’s dismay.)

CHILD 2     Looks like Chava is going to be stuck
.           with a scare-dy-cat.

(NICODEMUS stands there, afraid to move or say anything.)

CHAVA       (to NICODEMUS)  Well, aren’t you going
.           to defend me?  Defend us?

(NICODEMUS stands there, thinking.)

CHILD 2     Scare-dy-cat.

CHILD 1     Are you scared to get married?

CHAVA       Everybody gets married!  Hm, so I wonder
.           who YOUR dad is going to pick for YOU?

(While CHILD 1 becomes frightened and stands still     30
thinking this through, CHILD 2 continues the teasing.)

CHILD 2     (to NICODEMUS)  Are you always
.           going to have Chava speak for you?

CHAVA       What’s wrong about speaking up for oneself?

(CHILD 2 shrugs, then exits, motioning CHILD 1
to follow.  CHAVA turns to NICODEMUS with a growl.)

CHAVA       Gr!  I just hope one day you will have
.           the courage to speak up for something!

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, NICODEMUS looks intently at CHAVA.)

NICODEMUS   I need to start speaking up for
.           what I believe.  I believe that Jesus
.           is God’s Son.  And Jesus said something
.           about being lifted up.  We may be
.           helping to bury Him now, but-
.           He will somehow be lifted up-

CHAVA       Nicodemus, the Pharisees have had their taste
.           for blood.  I fear that anyone
.           standing up for Jesus could be next.

NICODEMUS   I – love – God.  You know, that night
.           when I went to talk to Jesus in private,
.           Jesus said that He is the Light.  Light
.           exposes our deeds, and if we have been
.           born again, we have no need to be afraid.
.           We should not be afraid, or hide our light.

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 9      “If we claim to have fellowship with Him
.           and yet walk in the darkness,
.           we lie and do not live out the truth.
.           But if we walk in the light,
.           as He is in the light,
.           we have fellowship with one another,
.           and the blood of Jesus, his Son,
.           purifies us from all sin.”
.           (1 John chapter 1, verses 6 to 7)
.                                                      31
.                    CENTER STAGE


GROUP      (vs 1)  “Praise Him...
.          all ye...
.          God is...
.          Praise Him...
.          all ye...
.          God is...”

.          (vs 2)  “Love Him...
.          all ye...
.          God is...
.          Love Him...
.          all ye...
.          God is...”

.          (vs 3)  “Serve Him...
.          all ye...
.          God is...
.          Serve Him...
.          all ye...
.          God is...”

.                SCENE 10 - FORGIVENESS
.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, PETER and ANDREW enter, in the middle of a
deep conversation.  PETER is visible upset with himself.)

ANDREW     Peter, I do not understand why you are
.          still so upset with yourself.

PETER      For so many reasons, Andrew.  So many reasons.
.          You’re my brother, you know very well
.          that my main talent is sticking my foot
.          into my mouth.  How many times did Jesus
.          have to rebuke me?  But far worse, just like
.          Jesus said I would – I betrayed Him –
.          three times.  And - I actually thought
.          that I would be able to save Jesus.  Ha!

ANDREW     The reason why Jesus died, and then rose again
.          was to offer salvation to us.
.                                                      32
PETER      Well, of course, it’s fairly obvious
.          that I need saving!

ANDREW     We all do.  Peter, remember when we
.          were children?

.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, PETER is very riled up, but ANDREW
firmly pushes PETER away from some sort of altercation
to help calm him down.)

ANDREW     Peter, calm down.  Take a breath.

PETER      Why?  Why are they so stupid?

ANDREW     Well... Let’s think about this for a moment.
.          What – would Dad say... (thinking, thinking-)

PETER      (admitting)  Okay – I’m the stupid one.

ANDREW     And stop putting yourself down.
.          We were ALL being stupid, yes?-
.          BUT- we can now choose to be wise.

PETER      How can I come back from THAT? (pointing)

ANDREW     We apologize?

PETER      But, why should I?  Do you know how many times
.          they have said something bad about us?

ANDREW     I don’t know-

PETER      EIGHT - TIMES!  I’m done!

ANDREW     You’ve been counting?  Well, okay then,
.          so how many times have YOU hurt THEM?

(PETER makes a series of faces as he thinks and counts.)

ANDREW     Peter, face it, we know it’s a lot.

PETER      I WANT to do better!

ANDREW     Well I know that.  So do I.
.                                                      33
PETER      WHAT is my problem?  I’m such a loser.

(PETER walks off sulking.  ANDREW follows.)

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, PETER and ANDREW continue their discussion.)

PETER      See, nothing has changed.

ANDREW     A LOT has changed.  Jesus rose from the dead.
.          His work on the cross offers forgiveness.
.          And – Jesus just spoke to you, allowing
.          a moment of reconciliation– for you to express
.          your remorse- and how much you love Him.
.          Remember, Jesus did say that you were going
.          to be used by Him to help build His Church.

PETER      And just why would God choose me?

ANDREW     We’re ALL sinners, deserving death.  And now
.          we have found an everlasting forgiveness.
.          (laughing)  Look, you are definitely zealous,
.          and not afraid to follow Jesus!

PETER      I still make mistakes.

ANDREW     Ah- I’m quite sure God already knows that.

(PETER finally cracks a smile, then exits with ANDREW.)

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 10    “In Him we have redemption through His blood,
.          the forgiveness of our trespasses,
.          according to the riches of His grace
.          which He lavished on us.
.          In all wisdom and insight...”
.          (Ephesians chapter 1, verses 7 to 8)

.                    CENTER STAGE

©1992 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing
Words and Music by Craig and Phyllis Musseau

GROUP      (vs 1) “Father God                          34
.          I need...
.          Father God...
.          In the...
.          Just as...”

.          (chorus) “There's no...
.          even when...
.          For you...
.          I've got...
.          that I...
.          It's for”

.          (vs 2) “Father God,
.          you've forgiven...
.          There's no...
.          Father God...
.          Your love...
.          Your great...”