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THE FINAL HUMILITYNOTES - written by Tanis Harms

PREMISE:     The late 1700s.  Marcus Stealthbury,
.            a rich young man, squanders away
.            his father’s entire fortune and finds
.            himself destitute.  The only one who will
.            take in him and his sister – is their cook.
.            Now having to actually work to survive,
.            Marcus now finds satisfaction in life.
.            But more than that is the strength and joy
.            he finds through his spiritual journey
.            from “poverty” to “riches”.
STYLE:       drama
TOPIC:       finding God, and choosing a wise lifestyle
SCRIPTURE:   Ps.37, Prov.24:1-6, 27:23–24, 28:19–20,
.            2Cor.6:14, Col.3:23
SCRIPT (drama version of THE FINAL HUMILITY)

LEAD ROLES:  Marcus Stealthbury
.               (aristocrat, young, fun-loving man who
.                sees life as a game of wit in order to
.                entertain himself and those around him)
.            Adriana Stealthbury
.               (sister to Marcus & “partner-in-crime”,
.                they feed off each other, feeling safe
.                enough around him to occasionally drop
.                the “proper” façade to express herself)
.            Lily
.               (the hardworking, trustworthy cook,
.                who grew up as a minister’s daughter,
.                having a strong Christian faith,
.                she is still worldly-wise and feisty)
.            Elizabeth Walters
.               (aristocrat, but compassionate Christian
.                neighbor with a real heart for the lost,
.                yet still wary of the worldly trappings)
.            Bernard Walters
.               (aristocrat, cousin to Elizabeth, talks
.                the Christian talk, but is a skeptic)
.            Mr. Walters
.               (aristocrat, father to Elizabeth, a pious
.                Christian with societal prejudices)
.            Mrs. Walters
.               (mother to Elizabeth, same as husband)
.                                                       2

EXTRAS:      Carol           (aristocrat friend)
.            Charles         (aristocrat friend)
.            Becky           (aristocrat friend)
.            Steward         (poor, servant of Marcus)
.            Servant         (poor, servant of Marcus)
.            Maid            (poor, servant of ADRIANA)
.            Rich man 1      (aristocrat)
.            Big men 1, 2    (just lower than gentry)
.            Administrator   (gentry, male)
.            Woman           (poor, selling bread)
.            HELEN           (poor, selling tarts)
.            GENTLEMAN       (gentry with bad breath)
.            HUSBAND 1       (gentry)
.            WIFE 1          (gentry)
.            HUSBAND 2       (gentry)
.            WIFE 2          (gentry)
.            LADY 1, 2       (aristocrats)
.            BRICE           (poor, beggar kid)
.            TINA            (poor, beggar kid)
.            Beggar kids     (poor)
.            RICH LADY 1, 2  (aristocrats)
.            Servant 1, 2, 3 (poor, Elizabeth’s)
.            Tinsmith        (poor, male)
.            OFFICERS 1, 2   (male)
.            GENTRY 1, 2 +   (gentry, male)
.            LADY GENTRY 1 + (gentry, female)
.            GUS             (poor, male)
.            AUDREY          (gentry couple)
.            JOHN            (gentry couple)
.            Henry Madison   (cunning aristocrat man)
NOTE:        BIT PARTS are part of the EXTRAS
.            EXTRAS          (aristocrats, gentry & poor)

Costumes:    1700s Romance era clothing ideas for:
.            ARISTOCRAT WOMEN: fans, parasols, jewelry,
.               high wigs (can make with grey/white yarn)
.            ARISTOCRAT MEN:  jewelry, perukes/wigs
.               (can make with grey/white yarn)
.            GENTRY:
.            – top hats for men
.            - bonnets/hats, fans for women
.            – clothing not as extravagant
.            SERVANTS:  black & white pants or dresses
.            POOR:  old simple drab clothing
.                                                       3
SET:         (
link to OVERALL DESIGN/floor plan EXAMPLE)

Stage right: (NOTE: side-stage is best, which could have
.            its own curtain; furniture is crudely made)
.            side table, table, chair, stool, box,
.            cot/bench

Center stage: only need slides for back drops if you want
.            (here are some examples that you may use)
.            -
.            - RESIDENTIAL STREET (with lawns)

PROPS:       tray, silverware, 5 Bibles, chocolate box,
.            candlesticks, pocket watch, jewelry, tiara,
.            luggage, 2 small trunks, basket, carpetbag,
.            blanket bundle, papers, keys, pot, pitcher,
.            cup, 3 plates, stirring spoon, white rags,
.            straw, lantern/s, bucket, bread, carrots,
.            baskets, vendor-trays with shoulder straps,
.            pail, purse, coins, tarts, handkerchief,
.            leather apron, quill, paper, ink well,
.            flour sack, tiny table, 2 chairs, trinket,
.            fancy basket, stitch work, tomatoes

comes with director’s package when you buy that.
The music is all taken from old hymns and Mozart pieces,
so everything is from the public domain,
and therefore does not require getting any rights.
You can find and use other songs if you wish,
or rewrite any of the given songs or portions of the songs.
These excerpts are used to make smoother transitions
into the next scenes for both audience as well as
to give prop people and actors time to get ready.
The music can be as simple or elaborate as you choose.
The best of the simplest would be an electric keyboard
with harpsichord option, or just pre-recorded excerpts.