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TALENT SHOW OF GIFTS – NOTES - written by Tanis Harms

(Geared for a creative arts camp for kids, this is easy
and has many bit parts and talent numbers to go around.
For some of the numbers, I have made suggestions,
for others you can find appropriate songs, dances, etc.)

PREMISE:     A talent show is being rehearsed,
.            and things keep going wrong, all the while
.            one person is trying to figure out
.            their talent so they can be in the show.
STYLE:       talent show and vignettes
TOPIC:       gifts, talents
SCRIPTURE:   Rom.6:7-8; 1 Cor.12:1-31; Eph.4:7-13;


SET is simple:  3 microphones at stage left,
.               center stage and stage right.

NOTE:           If you have more children,
.               divide up the lines appropriately
.               within each “group”

CAST in order   (description)               (props)
of appearance:

TALENT GROUP 0  (opening song/dance combo
.               with small or large group,
.               OPTIONAL if you don’t have
.               enough time or people)

JAMIE           (guy or girl,
.               main character throughout)

KID/S 1         (lines can be split up
.               for up to 10 kids)

DIRECTOR        (can be actual director     clipboard
.               or older child,             w/script
.               main character throughout)

ASSISTANT       (child or adult,
.               main character throughout)

TALENT GROUP 1  (song or dance, etc.,
.               KID/S 1 are in this)

KID 2           (getting sick)

TALENT GROUP 2  (song or dance, etc.)

KID 3           (can be up to 7 kids)

TALENT GROUP 3  (song, with KID/S 3)

KID 4-A         (very dramatic)

KID 4-B         (dancers, up to 5 kids)

TALENT GROUP 4  (dance, with KIDS 4-A&B,
.               although KID 4-A doesn’t
.               really have to know dance)

DIVA            (girl, very dramatic)

FRIEND          (girl)

ROMEO           (boy)

TALENT GROUP 5: (skit with the 3 above)

KID/S 6         (can be up to 4 kids)

TALENT GROUP 6  (song or dance, with KID/S 6)

KID 7           (magician)

HELPER          (magician’s assistant)

TALENT GROUP 7  (magic tricks               whatever
.               with the 2 above)           is needed

MIME            (mime)


TALENT GROUP 8  (speak theater, with        slides
.               KID 8 plus any amount)      or signs,
.                                           and Bibles

KENDRA          (water girl)

KID 9           (thirsty kid)

TALENT GROUP 9  (song and dance finale,
.               with everybody, could be
.               “We’re All in This Together”)

MUSIC NOTES:  Any music that you use for this,
make sure you have the proper rights for it.

When searching for music, decide if you are going to use:
live accompaniment or performance tracks.  Then search
online by typing in a song title followed either by
“performance track”, the word “karaoke”, or sheet music.