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SERVICE TO THE KING – NOTES - written by Tanis Harms

PREMISE:      Captured along with the people of Judah,
.             Daniel finds himself placed in the service
.             of the king within the Babylonian empire.
.             Faced with many decisions which come
.             with the threat of death, he is
.             determined to remain obedient to God.
STYLE:        drama
TOPIC:        obedience, trust
SCRIPTURE:    Daniel 1:1-6:28


CAST:          (description)

DANIEL         (aka Belteshazzar, wise and resolute)
SHADRACH       (aka Hananiah, tendency to be critical)
MESHACH        (aka Mishael, tendency to be fearful)
ABED-NEGO      (aka Azariah, tendency to be skeptical)
.               – in Act 1, they are teens
.               – in Act 2, they are young adults
.               – in Act 3, they are older adults
NOTE:       you can use the same actor depending
.              on makeup, acting abilities, etc.
QUEEN          (Nebuchadnezzar’s dutiful wife)
NEBUCHADNEZZAR (aka Neb., regal, strong;  dressed
.               in royal costume, but at the end
.               dressed in rags with wild hair/wig)
BELSHAZZAR     (Neb.’s son, arrogant, pompous)
DARIUS         (Persian king in his 60s)
OFFICIALS 1-3  (greedy men who feel self-important)
ASHPENAZ       (chief of officials,
.               actor can also later be a guard
.               or part of the crowd scenes)
ATTENDANTS 1-2 (women)
WOMAN 1        (young, shy and desperate)
4     (men)
CROWDS         (men, women, girls, boys)
HEBREW BOYS    (for act 1)
OFFICIAL 4     (man)
WISE MEN       (aka magicians, conjurers, sorcerers,
.               Chaldeans... as many as you can
NOTE:          you can borrow actors who are assigned
.              other roles when it makes sense, just
.              make sure they have a different look)
.                                                      2

PROPS:       gold and/or silver cups,
.            gold and/or silver bowls,
.            gold and/or silver candlesticks,
.            ledgers,
.            trays with wares,
.            wicker baskets for shopping,
.            document
.            jewelry
.            hair brush


SOUND:       noisy eastern sounding music
.               with horns, flutes, lyre,
.               stringed instruments, bagpipe, etc.)
LIGHTING:    glowing fire from some spot on stage
VOICE:       (loud booming voice, can be prerecorded)
.            “King Nebuchadnezzar, to you it is declared:
.            sovereignty has been removed from you,
.            and you will be driven away from mankind,
.            and your dwelling place will be
.            with the beasts of the field.
.            You will eat grass like the cattle,
.            and seven years will pass by
.            until you recognize that the Most High
.            is ruler over the realm of mankind.”
SOUND:       lions roaring


STAGE RIGHT /King’s throne room:
.            throne (chair waiting in the wings)
STAGE LEFT  /unspecific area
LOWER STAGE can represent other “nonspecific” scenes

NOTE:  Sets can be more elaborate but it’s not necessary.
.      Throne may move on and off stage,
.      or remain on stage - using cameo lighting
.      to highlight and set apart each setting.

MUSIC: You can find music to play between scenes,
.      which will help with the transitions.
.      Choose appropriate music that will set
.      the right tone of the upcoming events.