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.                               - written by Tanis Harms

PREMISE:     As the chef is preparing a spectacular meal
.            for the guests, someone sabotages the
.            signature soufflé dish.  The dinner guests
.            are asked to help search for clues
.            and question the suspects, and help
.            figure out who is the saboteur.
STYLE:       like an interactive murder mystery dinner
TOPIC:       revenge
SCRIPTURE:   Lev.19:18
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(With accents, make what’s being said understandable.)
Chef André   (pronounced chef “on-DRAY”), French,
.            a self-absorbed perfectionist intent only
.            on serving quality cuisine
Sous Chef    (pronounced “SUE” chef)  Italian,
.            second in command, but wants to be first.
.            All he/she wants is respect and to be
.            recognized as a valued and great chef with
.            creative ideas, trying to hide his/her
.            anger and jealousy toward Chef André.
Jean Pierre  (pronounced “JJJ-ON pee-air”)
.            speaks with a very  bad French accent
.            because he is not French.  A pretentious
.            maître d’ and workaholic who idolizes
.            Chef André and all-things French.
Julia        maître d’s neglected and angry girlfriend
.            who will do anything to get and keep
.            Jean Pierre’s attention.
Clara-Lynn   Southern accent, mother of Jean Pierre,
.            a busybody who thinks she has the best
.            soufflé recipe in the world and would love
.            nothing better than to prove it.
Alice        British, Irish or Scottish waiter/prankster!
.            Male or female, all he/she wants
.            is to be the center of attention, but says
.            he/she knows when to stop.
Val          Could add an accent to add more fun to the
.            disgruntled kitchen assistant’s character,
.            male or female, he/she feels taken
.            for granted, and not trusted with even
.            the most simplest tasks of serving,
.            cleaning or shopping for ingredients.

SET:         The kitchen prepping-staging-area with
.            - bookshelf/cabinets upstage,
.                (decorated with a few books,
.                 and maybe serving dishes)
.            - a long table downstage,
.            - podium for maître d’ at the side
.                (where your guests will arrive and/or
.                 check in before being seated)
.            – “kitchen” exit at the other side

- reservation book and/or seating chart, tickets...
.   (whatever is needed, Jean Pierre’s book
.    can contain the script for referencing if needed)
- menu/s (at least one for Jean Pierre)
- candy-bugs (either one per plate or tray)
- clean napkins to juggle
- cookbook (see notes below)
- pad of paper, a few pens (sitting on table)
- thin licorice strings or cooked spaghetti
.   (either one per plate or tray)
- larger ramekin (preset in cabinet/shelf)
- Alice’s notebook (see notes below)

. which are LABELED:
.   – “cayenne pepper”
.   – “salt”
.   – “flour” which actually contains baking soda
.       (write each idea on a different page
.        with either instructions or pictures,
.        as well as checkmarks beside the ideas used)
.   – candy-bug in the appetizers
.   – “hair” in the salad,
.       use string licorice or spaghetti stands
.   – main course fiasco
.       suddenly act like you cannot see, and announce
.       that you are missing your soft contact lens
.   – mouse footprints in pudding or on cake icing
.       with chocolate sprinkle droppings
.   – fake bite marks in cheesecake
.       use a teaspoon to carve out
.       (insert a printout of this soufflé recipe,
.        which has a handwritten European “7”
.        with a stroke through the middle – overtop
.        each “1” for the salt and cayenne pepper)



5   lbs. freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
2.5 lbs. unsalted butter
4     c. all-purpose flour
5   qts. milk
1     t. salt
1     t. cayenne pepper
2.5 lbs. Roquefort cheese
100      large eggs, separated
2.5   c. snipped chives

1.  preheat oven to 375°
2.  grease ramekins with unsalted butter
3.  coat ramekins with half of the grated Parmigiano
4.  in saucepan, melt unsalted butter
5.  add flour and cook over moderate heat for 1 minute,
-   whisking constantly
6.  add milk, salt and cayenne, and cook,
-   whisking, until very thick and bubbling
-   about 2 minutes
7.  scrape mixture into large bowl
8.  whisk in Roquefort and remaining Parmigiano
9.  whisk in the egg yolks and chives
10. in another bowl, beat egg whites to firm peaks
11. fold beaten whites into the cheese mixture
-   until no streaks remain
12. pour mixture into ramekins, filling 3/4 of the way
-   set ramekins on a baking sheet
13  bake the soufflés for about 20 minutes,
-   until puffed and golden
14. place soufflés on plates and serve immediately