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MY FAIR WEATHER GIRL - NOTES - written by Tanis Harms

(Ideal for dinner theater.  Actors can be the waiters.
Create bios and have prepared lines to stay in character.
EXAMPLE PROGRAM:  main course, ACT 1, dessert, ACT 2)

PREMISE:     EVELYN’S accent does not seem to blend
.            with what is acceptable in society’s eyes.
.            A professor of linguistics takes up
.            the challenge to improve her speech, and
.            although helpful, his attitude towards her
.            is extremely rude.  EVELYN must rise above
.            his bullying and not let him influence
.            her own attitude towards others.
STYLE:       comedy-musical spoof of “My Fair Lady”
TOPIC:       be in the world, not of the world,
.            and do not show preferential treatment.
SCRIPTURE:   Romans 12:2, James 2-3


NOTE:        I’ve made up an accent so as not to
.            offend anyone.  Characters who use
.            this accent should speak it fluently
.            so it sounds natural, and thereby,
.            sounding like they mean what they say.
.            The intended words will be in brackets
.            to assist actors in determining motives.
.            Don’t TRY to be cute or funny with it-
.            make sure to speak very sincerely –
.            which will then enhance the humor.

EVELYN FAIR  (determined, conscientious, wants to be
.             a weather girl, speaks with the accent)
HENRY FLAY   (shy, gentle, sensitive, loves Evelyn,
.             speaks with the accent)
TED MILLER   (intense, arrogant, linguistics professor)
CHRIS WILSON (inquisitive, self-centered, laidback,
.             writer)
SISSY SMITH  (thorough, professional, intuitive,
.             Ted’s assistant)
DEAN BROWN   (older professor)
DORIS BROWN  (fun-loving, Dean’s wife)

Set & Props:

STAGE RIGHT– CAFÉ   (table, 3 chairs, 3 menus, apron)
.          – STORE
  hats, wraps, bags
(optional: clothing rack,full-length mirror)
.          – HOUSE  (has 2 different side exits,
.                    table, tray, drinks,
.                    vegetable platter, carrots)

CENTER     - STREET (park bench)

STAGE LEFT - OFFICE (has 2 different side exits,
.                    desk, chair, sofa
, 2 chairs, coffee table,
.                    laptop, tray, coffee cups, plates,
.                    bottled Pierre, sandwiches,
.                    newspaper, shelf, books,
waltz music,
.                    trophy,
big pillow/cushion

sheet music on a PDF file
. comes with the director's package
- you have permission to tweak the music or change the keys