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LOVE COMES DOWNNOTES - written by Tanis Harms

PREMISE:   Jesus is born and King Herod feels
.          that his power and position is being
.          threatened.  While he plots against Jesus,
.          God has certain events take place
.          to protect the promised Messiah.
STYLE:     drama
TOPIC:     Jesus’ ministry
SCRIPTURE: Matthew, Luke
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Cast:         in order of appearance
PEOPLE        (townspeople, for 3 “locations”)
MARY          (young teen, gentle spirit)
MOTHER        (Mary’s mom)
JOSEPH        (30ish, patient but zealous)
WOMAN 1       (matchmaker in Nazareth)
WOMAN 2-3     (townspeople in Jerusalem)
ELIZABETH     (old, Zacharias’ wife)
ZACHARIA/S    (either is correct, old, priest)
ANNAS         (young priest)
HEROD         (selfish king)
ANGEL’S VOICE (pre-recorded with effects, should not
.             sound like “God”- but more androgynous)
PRIEST 3      (in Nazareth)
MAN 1-3       (townspeople in Nazareth)
WOMAN 4       (townsperson in Nazareth)
PERSON 1      (townsperson in Nazareth)
BABY JOHN     (optional, or use a doll)
PERSON 2      (townsperson near Jerusalem)
FRIEND        (female, friend of mother’s)
SCRIBES       (male lawyers at palace)
WIFE          (of innkeeper)
PRIEST 4      (high priest in Jerusalem)
PRIEST 5      (another priest, in Jerusalem)
MAGI          (any number, Bible only specifies 3 gifts)
SIMEON        (old, priest)
ANNA          (old, prophetess)
BABY JESUS    (optional, or use a doll)
PERSON 3-4    (townspeople in Bethlehem)
YOUNG JESUS   (around 2 years old, obedient)
SON           (Herod’s son)
YOUNG JOHN    (2 year old boy)
.                                                       2
NOTE:      you can play appropriate Christmas music
.          for scene changes.

STAGE  /SET:          PROPS:
Center /town square   baskets, wares
Right  /temple area
.       for women
Center /temple
Left   /MARY’S HOME   table, chairs
Right  /temple area
.       for women
Center /temple
Left   /MARY’S HOME   mat
Center /town square   baskets, wares
Left   /MARY’S HOME   broom
Right  /ZACHARIAS’    table, chair, plate, bread,
.                     olives, bundle
Left   /JOSEPH’S      mat
Right  /ZACHARIAS’    table, chair, rag
Center /palace        
Right  /town square   baby, slate, chalk
Center /palace        scroll with seal
Left   /MARY’S        bundle
Center /field         shepherd staffs, food
Left   /stable        manger, bundle, rags, lantern
Right  /temple        table, scroll/s
Center /field         shepherd staffs, food
Left   /stable        staffs, manger, baby, rags, lantern
Right  /the East      telescope
Center /temple        
Center /Bethlehem     staffs, baskets, wares
Left   /house         chairs/bench, bread
Center /palace        a few gifts
Left   /house         chairs/bench, many gifts
Center /palace        
Left   /house         mats, blanket/cloak

NOTE:  Sets can be very simple using cameo lighting
.      to highlight and set apart each scene.
.      You could have a large screen/scrim at the back
.      and project appropriate photos of each scene.