.            all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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.                              - written by Tanis Harms

PREMISE:   The toymaker creates his toys
.          with the hope that they will bring joy
.          to the kids who get them.  In turn,
.          that brings him joy.  Retiring for the day,
.          the lights go out, and the toys come to life.
.          A renegade puppet lures the rest of the toys
.          into a life of selfishness.  When they see
.          that this existence is not what it pretends
.          to be, and there isn’t really joy to be found
.          in that, they decide to live the life
.          that the toy maker purposed for them.
STYLE:     musical fantasy, comedy (allegory)
SCRIPTURE: Gal.5:1-26; 1 Cor.12:1-4, 14:1-12; Eph.5:9,
.          James 3:17;
TOPIC:     God blesses us with gifts and fruit which
.          are to be used for serving Him and others.
.          He also gives us the freedom to choose.  

CAST / SEX (if uppercase, it must be that sex):
.       M  TOYMAKER  (tender, generous, loving)
.          CLIENT    (kind, compassionate)
.                   (BAD NATURE  / GOOD NATURE)
.          PUPPET:  manipulating / truthful
.          SUPER HERO: weak      / powerful leader
.       F  BALLERINA: rough      / gentle teacher
.          CLOWN    sad          / joyful
.       F  NURSE:   vengeful     / merciful, prayerful
.       M  SOLDIER: self-centered/ selfless, helpful
.       F  ACCESSORY MARGIE: rude/ caring, kind
.       M  BUSINESS BEN: foolish / wise, discerning
.       M  COWBOY:  unreasonable / level-headed
.       M  NATIVE:  contentious  / healing
.       M  RAGBOY:  partial      / encouraging peacekeeper
.       F  RAGGIRL: hypocritical / honest
.          CAT:     impatient    / patient
.          DOG:     betrayer     / faithful
.          BABY:    bad          / good, innocent
.       F  NANNY CARRIE BOBKINS: mean / loving, practical
.                                                       2
COSTUMES:  Dolls should be dressed as close as possible
.          to the actors.  If you cannot find a 6” G.I.JOE,
.          Johnny West and Native, then use Ken dolls
.          with the appropriate matching costumes.
.          (have extra clown noses on hand)

SET:       (
click here to see drawing of possible set)
.          Main stage looks identical to workbench.
.          To make the set look interesting (optional)
.          build a shelf along the back edge of the desk,
.          On stage approx.: 4’ high, 3’ deep, 20’ long.
.          Dividers/braces would form cubbyholes
.          at the bottom, approx. every 4’.
.          All props are be scaled up for the main stage,
.          except for the dolls - who are the actors.
.          You can find/build boxes of varying heights
.          to act as steps at either one or both ends.


.        – CLOTH/DRAPE (same color. Drapes are the easiest.
.          If you don’t have drapes use a very light cloth.
.          You may need to set up some guide wires
.          so when puppet pulls the cloth off the actors,
.          it doesn’t disturb props, hair, costumes, etc.
.          When the cloth is put back at the end, it isn’t
.          as particular.

.        - INDEX CARD BOX (build, doesn’t have to open,
.          3’ x 5’, x 3 1/2’ high. Labeled “index cards”.
.          Or make another size labeled “paints”, etc.
.          It can be as colorful as desired, but should
.          match the one on the workbench)

.        - CUP (can use plastic trash can, it would be
.          a good idea to put weights at the bottom)

.        – MINIATURE CARDS and BOX (cards should be
.          cardboard or heavy poster paper,
.          approx. 13 x 16 or 8 1/2 x 11 inches,
.          the bigger size would get a bigger laugh.
.          For the box, use a cardboard box, or make
.          a wooden box if you want to use it as a stool
.          or another prop for BEN or NANNY, etc.)
.                                                       3
.        – TUBE OF GLUE (make with 2 stuffed trash bags,
.          nib & cap can be made with construction paper)

.        – WARDROBE (buy a cardboard moving wardrobe box
.          that opens with a “door”.  Use cardboard box
.          as a drawer at the bottom to hold stuff.
.          Paint with bright pinks, flowers, etc.
.          with “Accessory Margie” on the door.
.          Hang some pieces of clothing on the rod.
.          Only exterior needs to be identical.)

.        – You can be creative and add other pieces
.          if you wish, ie. tin with paintbrushes, pencils,
.          spools of thread with needle stuck in it...


.        – box or carrying bag for dolls to be put into
.          at the end of the play (only for stage right)

.        – IF YOU CAN FIND: cowboy’s guitar & bonfire,
.          native’s tom-toms, nanny’s carpetbag,
.          Ben’s briefcase, soldier’s walkie-talkie
.          NOTE: if you cannot find these items doll-sized,
.          these props for the main stage can be stored
.          (hidden) in the cubby hole with the glue.
.          If you don’t have the ledge, behind these
.          behind the wardrobe.


.        – puppet “strings”/light ropes (hidden at first
.          in one of the cubbyholes)
.        – purse
.        – briefcase
.        – big carpetbag
.        – rags
.        - 4 scarves
.        – extra possible items: hats, gloves, shoes...

.        – extra possible items: “fake” food items (empty),
.          cereal boxes, tin cans, (like Barbie would have)
.                                                       4
.        – “plastic” props (which CAN be spray painted,
.          I will list them according to color though):
.          - green walkie-talkie
.          - red teacup and teapot
.          – red “open” book
.           (pages stuck together on each side)
.          - yellow rattle
.          - yellow baby bottle
.          - brown tom-toms
.          - brown guitar
.          – brown bonfire with fake looking fire
.            (for logs use floating noodles painted brown,
.             flames can be foam painted red and yellow)
.          - light blue calculator
.          - light blue cell phone
.          - pink mirror (mirror side is tin foil),
.          - pink brush
.          - pink iPod with cord and “ear-set”
.          - pink radio
.          - pink “open” magazine (pages stuck together)
.          – possible pink extra stuff:  comb, blow dryer,
.            record player, LPs, dishes, electric guitar...

When you purchase the director’s package,
the songs on pdf sheet music come with that.
.          I give permission to use my songs, but
.          if you are charging an entrance fee,
.          you must first email me the particulars.
.          There could be an extra fee
for that.
.          If you do not purchase the package or
.          if you want to use other songs, I’ve
.          suggested other tunes below that will work.
.          Or you can write other melodies for the songs.
.          If you use some of the other songs
.          on the right hand side, make sure
.          you get any necessary rights.

SONG   TITLE                      OR sing it to:
- #1  “I AM DOING SOMETHING BAD”   “Good King Wenceslas”
- #2  “THE WAY YOU SHOULD”         “Deck the Halls”
- #3  “FIND YOUR OWN BLISS”        “White Christmas”
- #4  “HOMESTEAD OKAY RANCH”       “Winter Wonderland”
- #5  “OH BABY DOLL”               “O Christmas Tree”
- #6  “THIS IS MINE”               “Jingle Bells”
- #7  “HELP OURSELVES”             “Have Yourself a Merry
.                                        Little Christmas”
.                                (Bing Crosby’s word order)

When searching for music, decide if you are going to use:
live accompaniment or performance tracks.  Then search
online by typing in a song title followed either by
“performance track”, the word “karaoke”, or sheet music.