(not including music)  all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
.             refer to

ARE YOU READY? – NOTES – written by Tanis Harms

PREMISE:    While this is entertaining, it’s purpose
.           is to be a teaching tool, bringing to light
.           the entire Bible’s eschatological context.
.           I’ve tried to take as few artistic liberties
.           as possible, while only alluding to and
.           downplaying the horrors of the Tribulation,
.           to represent each phase of the end times
.           in order for clarity.


STYLE:      drama
TOPIC:      Eschatology: Rapture, Tribulation, Millennium
see this link for Biblical support
OPTIONS:    you can use the music provided
.           with the option to sing the lyrics or not,
.           I give you permission to stylize my music,
.           rearrange my music as well as record it,
.           as long as you do not make money with it.
.           OR you can buy the other suggested music to use
.           (purchasing that music and getting those rights
.           would be your responsibility)
.           OR you are free to write or find other music.

NOTES ON:                                       found on:

CAST & DESCRIPTIONS                                page 2
PROPS                                              page 3
SET SUGGESTS                                       page 4
SPECIAL EFFECTS LIST                               page 4
VIDEOS & SLIDES (LIST & EXAMPLES)                  page 5
SOUND TRACK & SONGS (LIST & EXAMPLES)              page 6

CAST IN ORDER OF                                        2

JESUS &          gentle, yet very commanding
.  GOD’S VOICE      (good role for a pastor)
ADAM             in silhouette only
EVE              in silhouette only
ABRAHAM          in silhouette only
MOSES            older, wise
KING             in silhouette only
DANIEL           in silhouette only
DISCIPLE         inquisitive
NATIONAL         male or female Israeli
ELI              polite, eager, determined, well-meaning
KEITH            well meaning, but stubborn & dogmatic
MARK             youth leader, dynamic
EXTRA YOUTH      (optional, no more than 4)
CHRIS            teen over 16, cool, verging on maturity
JODY             teen, talkative, energetic, expressive
DAVID            teen, sense of humor
SARAH            teenager
BILL             older gentleman, was deacon & missionary
ANGEL 1, 2       tall, preferably men/strong beings
.                (angels are asexual, not “feminine” much
.                like the elves in “Lord of the Rings”)
EXTRA ANGELS     (optional, as many as possible)
DERRICK          young adult, macho, probably watched
.                a lot of Clint Eastwood movies
BOBBY            young adult, dramatically skeptical,
.                but a follower
PRESIDENT        middle-aged, handsome, super dynamic,
.                flashy yet smooth
VICE PRES.       middle-aged, conservative, wise façade
ANNOUNCER        young woman/man, vain, Pres.’s puppet
SHELLY           young woman, sweetly sincere
SAMUEL           young man, sincere, eager to learn
JON              gentleman, kind, wise
ANGIE            young woman, concerned older sister
MIKE             young man/teen, rebellious, whiney-type
REBEL 1 & 2
EXTRA REBELS     (optional)
ANDREW           sinner from Church Age
.                (can be an extra elsewhere)

COSTUMES:       COSTUME                PROPS FOR        3
FOR:            DESCRIPTION:           EACH ROLE:
AADAM & EVE                             fruit
MOSES                                  2 tablets
KING                                   crown
DANIEL                                 tablet, quill
JESUS           red sash over white
DISCIPLES       robes, white sashes
MARK            casual/WS,B,C
SARAH           casual/WS,B,C
CHRIS           casual(bright)/WS,B,C  luggage, newspaper
DAVID           casual/WS,B,C          iPod/guitar, Bible
JODY            casual(bright)/WS,B,C  bag, bread
EXTRA YOUTH     casual/WS,B,C
BILL            burial suit/WS,B,C     tarp
ALL ANGELS      yellow sash, belt
SOLDIERS        brown clothes,
.               red armbands
NATIONALS       brown clothes
DERRICK         casual(brown)          luggage, bag,
.                                      bottle, armband,
.                                      paper pad, sword
BOBBY           casual(brown)          armband, sword
PRESIDENT       suit (white)           briefcase, files,
.                                      paper, pens, sword
VICE PRES.      suit (grey)            briefcase, laptop,
.                                      files, pens, sword
ANNOUNCER       dress suit (dark)      make-up, mirror,
.                                      purse,handkerchief
ELI             green, jacket,         briefcase, maps,
.               WS,B,C                 files, pens
KEITH           brown, yarmulke
SHELLY          casual(bright)/WS,B,C  “baby”
SAMUEL          suit/WS,B,C            briefcase
JON             suit/WS,B,C
ANGIE           casual(bright)/WS,B,C
MIKE            casual(dark)           swords
ALL REBELS      casual(dark)           swords
ANDREW          (dark)

B  = BELT,      C  = CROWN
WS = WHITE SASH (represents glorified bodies)
YELLOW SASH     (represents angels)
RED SASH        (represents Jesus’s shed blood)
ALL SASHES      (drape across one shoulder to the knees,
.                and are cinched at the waist)
BLUE CLOTHING   (represents Christians)
GREEN CLOTHING  (represents Jews)
BROWN CLOTHING  (represents unbelievers)

B  = BELT,      C  = CROWN
WS = WHITE SASH (represents glorified bodies)
YELLOW SASH     (represents angels)
RED SASH        (represents Jesus’s shed blood)
ALL SASHES      (drape across one shoulder to the knees,
.                and are cinched at the waist)
BLUE CLOTHING   (represents Christians)
GREEN CLOTHING  (represents Jews)
BROWN CLOTHING  (represents unbelievers)
.                                                       4


1) spotlight each scene as a cameo,
.  leaving the backgrounds dark, which can be affective.
2) instead of building fronts, you can just hang
.  large (i.e. canvas) paintings on the back wall
.  of the various stores and graveyard.
.  And for the side sets, just pretend that there
.  are walls/barriers, or use screens and large plants.
3) no matter which set you choose to go with,
.  if you have a projector,
.  it is ideal if you can have a screen,
.  preferably in the center of the stage,
.  just above the set/s.
.  The intro scenes you may want to pre-record,
.  along with the voice over.
.  A scrim can be used for the introduction,
.  whether you perform this live or pre-record.
.  You want the actors to only be silhouettes.

ELABORATE SET: (click on this link for drawings)

STAGE                                                                        STAGE
RIGHT                                                                         LEFT

!                          restaurant                                            !
!  H.P.1                _____ . . . _________ . . . ________  graveyard          !
!  (hiding     street                 crate                  .  w/arched    P.2  !
!   place)                            pile                     .  gate           !
!                                                                .               !
!            \                                                    .  /           !
!     _________\                                                   /_________    !
!                                                                                !
!        desk                                                         sofa       !
!                                     square                                     !
!                                                                    living      !
office                                                      quarters

!      \                                                             TV  /      !
!  H.P.3 \                                                              / H.P.4  !
!    ______\                                                 moveable /______    !
!                                                              scrim ->          !
!       OFFICE                                                        throne     !
!                                                                                !
!  podium                                                                HEAVEN  !

fog machines
special lighting
spinning lights with small pattern
bright spotlight


p.  1 – pre-recorded video with audio option
.      (The entire opening scene, until right at the end,
.       can be pre-recorded with the music, voices,
.       and the visuals behind a scrim,
.       so that only silhouettes are seen.
.       OR just pre-record the music and voices
.          and show the action behind the scrim live.
.          Then have a scrim set up at down left stage.
.          This can be abutted to the divider there,
.          then when these scenes are done, roll scrim
.          in front of wall of the “heaven” set.)
p.  3 –
old Jerusalem
p.  4 – Jesus on the cross
p.  4 – thriving modern Jerusalem
p. 11 – black with a growing light
p. 11 – alternating sky blue and gold colors
p. 14 – slightly darker Jerusalem
p. 25 – alternating darker blue and gold colors
p. 27 – barren Jerusalem with less foliage
p. 35 – dark scenes of famine
p. 36 – war scenes
p. 36 – war scenes
p. 37 – darker Jerusalem
p. 40 – photo of the PRESIDENT with a golden tint
.       (whoever is playing this role, have the photo
.        resemble a somber, foreboding statue,
.        background should emulate a marble wall)
p. 47 –
very dark, bleak, barren Jerusalem
p. 49 – hail, lightning, fire
p. 49 – red rivers and seas
p. 50 – dead sea creatures on the shore
p. 50 – falling stars to starless Jerusalem
p. 57 – red seas and dead sea creatures
p. 57 – red rivers and fountains
p. 57 – solar flares and burned up land
p. 58 – sick and dying people
p. 58 – desert-like river basins
p. 62 – sunrise over Jerusalem
p. 65 – children playing, end with lush crop
p. 66 - luscious forests with lakes, rivers,
.       fountains, flower gardens, orchards and
.       pastures, ending with a green Jerusalem
p. 71 – alternating very dark colors
p. 74 – alternating of light blues alternate
p. 74 – light blues getting whiter,
.       ending in white, then black out
p. 75 – “Are you ready?” (white words on black)
.                                                       6

1)  perform original music live, or record it,
.   as long as you are only using the music for this drama.
.   (the sheet music comes with the director’s package).
2)  OR buy & play suggested music over sound system
.   as background music
.    – I have made links to sample the suggested songs,
.      which may or may not work, but you can search
.      for them on the websites of Amazon, etc.
3)  OR write or find other songs to play (or sing)
.   NOTE:  if you are using other music
.      it is up to you to make sure you have
.      the proper permission/rights if needed.


p.  1 – if doing the scrim scenes live, pre-record
.       voices of NARRATOR and GOD/JESUS for intro
.       with MUSIC 1 (comes with director’s package)
.          or maybe Israeli background music...
.          suggested piece/s:
.          “
Closer to Madness” by Jesse Cook
.           from “Gravity” (don’t use live version)
.       or “
Byzantium Underground” by Jesse Cook
.           from “The Ultimate”
p.  4 - sound of happy city noises: traffic, dogs,
.           kids playing, etc.
 9 - sound of loud trumpet blast with thunder
 9 – voice of Jesus (if you prefer)
.  1
0 - PLAY PORTION OF “We Exalt Thee” by Petra
.          from “Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out”
P. 1
1 – recorded voices of NARRATOR
p. 1
1 - sound of city sounds: sirens, cars honking,
.              whistles blowing, people shouting
p. 20 – MUSIC 3 (comes with director’s package)
.              or PLAY “Praise Hymn” by Mylon Lefevre
.              & Broken Heart, from “More (of Jesus)”
p. 2
.              (if you prefer)
p. 21 - sound of thunder
p. 21 - sounds of thunder to war: guns, explosions
p. 22 - sounds of creaking and door closing
p. 22 - sound of gunshots from a distance               7
p. 27 - sound of siren howling
p. 28 - background sound of bass drum slowly building
p. 28 - sound of gunshots being fired, explosions
p. 28 - sounds of sirens and a few gunshots
p. 32 – MUSIC 4 (comes with director’s package

.              or
PLAY “Six Sixty Six” by Larry Norman
.              from “In Another Land”
p. 36 - sound of 18 second earthquake
p. 39 - sound of pounding hail and thunder
p. 3
9 – recorded voice of EAGLE VOICE
p. 3
9 - sounds of 30 seconds of flying locust
p. 4
2 – recorded voice of STRONG VOICE
p. 4
3 - sound of 8 second earthquake
p. 4
4 - sounds of 8 second earthquake, hail, thunder
p. 4
4 – recorded voices of ANGEL 1, ANGEL 2, ANGEL 3
p. 4
6 - sounds of huge earthquake and enormous hail
.              (can use bass drums).
p. 47 – MUSIC 5 (comes with director’s package)

.              or
PLAY “Messiah” by Larry Norman
.              from “Stop This Flight”
.              or “The Best of Larry Norman”
p. 4
7 – recorded voice of STRONG VOICE
p. 4
8 – voice of Jesus (if you prefer)
p. 4
9 – play joyous music
p. 5
1 - sound of baby cooing and gurgling
p. 55 – MUSIC 6 (comes with director’s package)

.              or
PLAY “More
.              by Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart
.              from “More (of Jesus)”
p. 5
7 – voice of Jesus (if you prefer)
p. 58 – MUSIC 7 (comes with director’s package)

.              or
PLAY quiet music, suggestion:
.              “
Hymn” by Randy Stonehill
.               from “Love Beyond Reason”
p. 5
9 – voice of Jesus (if you prefer)
p. 59 – MUSIC 8 (comes with director’s package)

.               or
PLAY “Immanuel” by Stuart Townend