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A QUEEN OF COURAGE - NOTES - written by Tanis Harms

PREMISE:     Becoming a queen, Esther realizes
.            her purpose in this position –
.            to save her people from annihilation.
.            Requesting all Israelites in the area
.            to join her for three days of fasting
.            and prayer, she gathers her courage from God
.            to approach the king with her petition.
STYLE:       drama
TOPIC:       courage, relying on God


Cast:        ESTHER        (beautiful young woman, 20ish)
.            MORDECAI      (Esther’s older cousin)
.            XERXES        (ruthless king, 40ish)
.            HAMAN         (conniving official)
.            ZERESH        (Haman’s conniving wife)
.            HEGAI         (one of Esther’s eunuchs)

Extras:      VASHTI        (beautiful woman, 30ish)
.            ZETHAR        (one of the King’s eunuchs)
.            BIGTHAN       (official who betrays king)
.            TERESH        (official who betrays king)
.            OFFICIALS 1-4 (or more)
.            WIVES 1-3     (to officials, can have more,
.                           can use them in crowd scenes)
.            MAIDS 1-2     (Esther’s maids)
.            GUARDS 1-2    (can use them in other scenes)
.            ISRAELITE     (can be male or female)
.            WOMAN         (selling fruit)
.            TOWNSPEOPLE   (as many as you want)

Set:         STAGE RIGHT/King’s throne room:  throne
.            STAGE LEFT/Queen’s quarters:     sofa, chair
.            CENTER STAGE/King’s Gate/square: city gate
.                  (when not a King’s gate scene,
.                   can be covered with curtains)
.            LOWER STAGE can represent Haman’s House
.                   and other scenes that are nonspecific

NOTE:  Sets can be more elaborate but it’s not necessary.
.      Throne & sofa may move on and off stage,
.      or remain on stage - then use cameo lighting
.      to highlight and set apart each setting.
.                                                       2
MUSIC: You can find music to play between scenes,
.      which will help with the transitions.
.      Choose appropriate music that will set
.      the right tone of the upcoming events.

Props:       King’s scepter,
.            King’s crown
.            signet ring,
.            golden cups (enough for everyone),
.            Queen’s crown
.            ledger,
.            wooden trays (at least 2),
.            fruit,
.            trinkets,
.            shopping basket/s,
.            mirror,
.            hairbrush,
.            perfume bottles,
.            scroll,
.            wooden tray,
.            book,
.            quill,
.            carrying sack containing:
.               many tiny crude sticks or blocks
.            Mordecai’s sack cloth,
.            paper
.            pile of men’s clothing
.            official’s crown (for Mordecai)
.            official’s robe  (for Mordecai)